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Understanding The Different Connector Brands That We Stock


Understanding The Different Connector Brands That We Stock

Electronic connectors from leading suppliers


At FC Lane Electronics, we are an authorised distributor for a number of leading connector manufacturers. With connectors and connector accessories designed for use across industries as diverse as communications, military, aerospace, medical, motorsport, and many more besides, we can offer connector solutions for almost any application.

In this article, we explore the various brands that we stock and examine their areas of expertise.


The name Amphenol is a portmanteau of American Phenolic Corporation and the company has been in existence since the 1930s. Originally starting out as a manufacturer of tube sockets for radio tubes, the company soon began developing military connectors during World War II. Amphenol invented the MIL-DTL-38999 cylindrical connector and also the BNC connector.

At FC Lane Electronics, we specialise in plastic industrial circular Amphenol connectors, which includes the C16-1/C91 Series ruggedized screw coupling connectors. This series is used in industrial applications faced with harsh environmental conditions.


AVX are a US based company that manufacturer connectors often used in the medical and automotive industries.

We stock a number of AVX products, including the Varicon Rack and Panel connector, the press fit DIN 41612 connector, and the MRAC, MRA, and MRE series of sub-miniature rack and panel high voltage connectors. The MRAC is available with up to 104 contacts. The MRA and MRE are available with up to 50 contacts


Binder is a German company that have been in existence for over 50 years. They specialise in industrial circular connectors including miniature connectors, multi-pin connectors, and built in and cable connectors for automation technology.

We are no longer a Binder distributor, but we still hold stock of many of their miniature circular connectors such as 710, 711, 712, 719, 720, 723, 423, and 680/2 which we can supply at very competitive prices on a next day delivery basis.


Based in the UK and operating for over 40 years, Glenair provide connector products for military and aerospace environments, including circular connectors, connector backshells and accessories, Micro-D connectors, and heat shrink boots.

At Lane Electronics we stock a broad range of their connector accessories such as strain reliefs, shrink boot adaptors, and backshells for most types of connector, including Micro-D and D-sub connectors as well as those intended for EMI/RFI applications.


HellermannTyton have been producing connector accessory related products in the UK since the late 1930s. They are a global corporation with many different products and at FC Lane we stock their range of heat-shrink boots. Cable identification and insulation protection products are also available.

We ensure our customers have the correct connectors or accessories matched to the appropriate heat shrink products, which are also used by customers of our motorsport division, Lane Motorsport.


HUBER+SUHNER were originally two separate Swiss companies that merged in the late 1960s. Today, they are a leading supplier of high quality radio frequency and optical connectors and they also have an extensive range of antenna products, adaptors, precision adaptors, and circuit protection products that are used throughout the medical, military, aerospace, mobile communications, test and measurement, and transport industries.

FC Lane extensively stocks HUBER+SUHNER coaxial connectors, antennas, circuit protection products, test and measurement products, adaptors, precision adaptors, and microwave cable assembles.

ITWMcMurdo Connectors

Standing for Illinois Tool Works, ITW are a US company that started out manufacturing metal-cutting tools over 100 years ago. Today, after acquiring McMurdo connectors in 1998, they are now known as ITWMcMurdo Connectors. Their products are primarily for the military, aerospace, and telecommunications markets.

FC Lane stocks their IDC connectors, D-sub connectors, and high density D-sub types, as well as assembling their Micronector 200 2mm pitch connector system, alongside the 801 Series two-part PCB connector system, thus providing short lead times for these popular products.


Neutrik were founded in Liechtenstein in the mid-1970s and specialise in manufacturing connectors for audio-visual applications. They manufacture coaxial, power, and circular connectors, as well as leading audio connectors - all of which are stocked and sold by FC Lane Electronics. Other ranges stocked and sold by FC Lane include the SPEAKCON, POWERCON, OPTICALCON, and ETHERCON ranges of connectors.


Nicomatic are a French company with over 35 years experience in manufacturing interconnection products and have eight subsidiaries in the USA, China, England, Germany, India, Brazil, Turkey, and South Korea, specialising in the aerospace and defense industries.

FC Lane stocks and sells their miniaturised rectangular connectors, and other products which offer high density solutions for use in harsh environments. FC Lane stocks their CRIMPFLEX® mass termination connector system, their CMM series of 2mm pitch connectors, and their DMM Series MICRO D-mix connectors which meet MIL-DTL-83513G.


Pancon have headquarters in the USA and specialise in connector solutions for automotive, aerospace, transportation, defence, and marine applications.

At FC Lane, an authorised Pancon distributor, we offer a range of their DIN 41651 IDC connectors including the MAS-CON IDC board to board connector system, the HI-CON DIN 41651 series, and the LAT-CON DIN 41651 IDC connector series.


Plessey are a British based company operating from the early 1900s that have been through many changes over the years, due to various acquisitions.

At FC Lane we hold stocks of many of their products used in military and communications applications, including UKAN, 159 Series, Standard Breeze, Multicon, and Heavy Duty Multicon connectors, amongst others.


Polamco were founded in 1976 and have recently been acquired by the TE group. They are a leading manufacturer of backshells, connectors, and connector accessories designed for use in rugged applications in the communication, defence, aerospace, medical, transportation, shipbuilding, and oil industries.

At Lane Electronics, we stock a range of accessories for all standard military circular connectors, rectangular connectors, and non-circular connectors, including high performance heat shrink kits and connector adaptors. We can also supply high-speed RJ45 and USB connector systems based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III.


Established in 1966 in Springfield Missouri USA, Positronic have been creating high quality products for nearly 50 years and have patented many connector features and manufacturing techniques. Their products are used in the military, medical, aerospace, industrial, and rail industries amongst others.

FC Lane stocks Positronic’s high power, rectangular, modular, and circular connectors, and many D-sub connectors intended for use in high reliability applications, including mixed density D-subminiatures - mixing signal, coaxial, power, fiber optic, and high voltage contacts in one single housing. Also stocked in depth is the popular GH series which is extensively used in the medical equipment industry.


Preh are a German company now almost a century old. Having gone through various incarnations over the years, they still manufacture a wide range of products.

At FC Lane Electronics we are an authorised Preh supplier and carry an inventory of Preh DIN connectors which are affordable solutions intended for use in audio-visual and entertainment applications.


Radiall began as a company in France in the 1950s and specialise in creating connector solutions for the defense, industrial, aerospace, instrumentation, medical, and telecommunications industries.

FC Lane have stock of a wide range of Radiall RF connectors that include industry standard types like BNC, TNC, QMA, QN, SSMA, and MMBX board to board connectors, as well as various coaxial terminations and attenuators. Also available are Arinc and MM series rectangular connectors.  


Now a part of the Easterline Technologies Group, SOURIAU are based in France and specialise in interconnect solutions for harsh environments, and manufacture high performance circular connectors and backshells for the defence, aerospace, energy, and transportation industries. The product ranges include filter, fibre optic, hermetic, arinc, high power, PCB mounted, autosport, and signal connectors.

At FC Lane we offer an extensive value added distribution (VAD) service, which enables us to assemble from piece part stock a wide range of SOURIAU MIL-DTL-38999 Series 1 in aluminium shells and series 3 in aluminium, composite, stainless steel, and nickel aluminium bronze shells. This VAD facility is also available for the Lane Motorsport offering which includes the SOURIAU 8STA range of connectors.


Tajimi are a Japanese company that has manufactured connectors since the 1920s. They make multiple optical connectors, waterproof connectors, Push-pull connectors, and one touch BNC connectors.

At FC Lane, we carry their R04 and R28 waterproof miniature circular connectors and their PRC series of push-pull, ball-bearing coupling miniature circular connectors.


Originally based in Germany, but also trading from a site in Perivale as Transradio, the company actually dates back to the early 1900s when they were a subsidiary of Telefunken. The name symbolises the TRANSition from the analogue to digital field of RADIO and they specialised in digital broadcasting transmitter systems. Subsequently they have been owned by several different organisations - the last being Radiall who integrated the company into their organisation.

FC Lane Electronics stock Transradio connectors at clearance prices including GD, Q, BN, CBN, TBN, and UG products.


Although we are no longer a Viking distributor, we still carry clearance stock of their BT approved VITEL connectors, as well as their THORKOM miniature circular connectors, and their VSBX board to board connectors.

Weald Electronics

Weald Electronics are a UK company established in 1976 and specialise in the manufacture of military and industrial connectors based on the MIL-C-26482 and MIL-C-5015 specifications. They have a broad variety of cable connectors, filtered circular connectors, and circular bayonet coupling and screw coupling power connectors.

Weald Electronics offers other well established product ranges; some have previously had BS accreditations, such as the LMG (MK7) range, the successor to the LMF (MK4) range, and the LMV range of mains power connectors that incorporate the demands of BS EN 60950.  Other ranges available are the SM series which is widely used in medical applications, as well as the high voltage BA range, alongside the stackable D2 range of connectors. Weald Electronics, like FC Lane Electronics, is a member of the Lodge Group.

At FC Lane Electronics we are the sole distributor for Weald Electronics products and hold stock of a large range of circular connectors intended for military and industrial applications. We can assemble and supply a huge range of connectors from our VAD program which has a stock profile of several thousand piece parts.

So, hopefully you now have a clearer idea of the connector brands we carry and the manufacturing companies behind them. If you have any questions about the brands or any of their products that we stock, please email or call us on +44 (0)1403 790661.