DIN 41651

DIN 41651 outlines the requirements for insulation displacement connection (IDC) with parallel wires flat cable. DIN 41651 IDC connectors are for flat cable on 2.54mm, 2.00mm and 1.27mm pitches. The standard describes the materials and finishes that enable long-term reliability, low contact resistance and a gas-tight connection. 

Lane Electronics has DIN 41651 IDC connectors made by PANCON. Called LAT-CON, these are designed for round conductor flat cable on 2.54mm (0.1in), 2.00mm (0.787in) or 1.27mm (0.05in) pitches and are available as 6 to 64 position connectors. 

For faster termination, PANCON’s LAT-CON Series features a patented lateral cable entry system which also means less waste. A proprietary latching system enables the latched header to mate with a socket with or without strain relief.