HUBER+SUHNER Lightning Protection Systems
HUBER+SUHNER’s experience in lightning and EMP protection spans more than 40 years and we offer a wide variety of protection technologies and solutions for RF, microwave, data line and DC/AC applications including those for GPS systems, cellular communications and data and communications systems  military and commercial installations.
  • Quarter wave stub types - Narrow band, low residual pulse
  • Gas capsule types - Wide band, various power ratings
  • Fine protection (GPS protection)
  • Range of connector types available N, 7/16, BNC, TNC and SMA
  • DC block, DC injection, high pass filters   
  • Data-line Protectors; CAT 5/6
  • Bulkhead, stud & clamp mounting options
  • Application including: Military and Commercial Comms, Navigation, GPS, Cellular, Wireless LAN and ETHERNET.

Lightning protection catalogue

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