PRESS FIT DIN 41612 Connectors
These versatile press fit DIN 41612 connectors from AVX are available with a variety of contact types including PC solder, wire wrap, crimp, IDC, hand-solder, press-fit, coaxial and power. AVX has designed these with a high temperature capability and they are flux resistant. Other key features of these DIN 41612 connectors include selective loading, sequential contact mating and the use of retention clips. Military versions are also available.
  • High temperature
  • Selective plating
  • Ground contacts
  • Retention clips
  • Contact variations pc solder, wire wrap, crimp, IDC, hand solder, press fit, coaxial    and power contact
  • Selective loading 
  • Sequential contact mating 
  • Flux resistant 
  • Military variations

DIN 41612 part number information

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