Connectors for Use in Harsh Environments Need Careful Selection

LMG Standard Circular Connectors

LMG Standard Circular Connectors

The ever increasing use of sophisticated electrical and electronic products and systems in areas such as mining and construction as well as applications in offshore installations including wind farms and oil and gas platforms has meant the development of specialist cabling and connector products for this type of environment. These have been designed to provide totally reliable signal, communications and power transmission in applications as diverse as tunneling machines, wind turbines and construction plant across sectors that include steel, shipbuilding and energy exploration. The connectors, for example, need to be very rugged, reliable and, in some environments, the cable assembly must be designed to comply with very strict safety standards.

Manufacturers and users of these products and systems need to follow many guidelines when specifying cables and connectors for use in these environments and these guidelines and standards vary depending on the location of the equipment.

In locations described as hazardous, for example, products and systems must be specifically designed and tested to ensure that no arcing or sparking can be present within the environment to cause an explosion. These locations are defined as places where flammable gases, vapours, dust etc create an environment where an explosion or fire hazard exists. Here, standards have long existed to regulate the design and operation of electrical equipment to ensure that no flammable gas, vapour or dust is able to enter. Sealed against the ingress of these flammable materials, the equipment must also never get hot enough in operation to cause an explosion.

The recently updated ATEX Directive provides standards and guidelines for both the equipment manufacturer and the user and only ATEX certified products can be used in explosive atmospheres. There are several specialist ATEX certified connector manufacturers.

For non-hazardous but nevertheless harsh environments, the emphasis moves to the connector’s ability to withstand shock, vibration, liquid ingress, etc., and here buyers and specifiers have a much wider choice of manufacturer.

Our sister Lodge Group company, Weald Electronics, has been manufacturing connectors for harsh environments for many years. Specialising in high performance circular connectors based on the Mil-C-5015 and Mil-C-26482 specification, Weald supplies many military, industrial and construction equipment manufacturers with a wide selection of circular bayonet coupling and screw coupling power connectors, filtered circular connectors and cable connectors in a wide choice of materials and finishes, with specialist ranges suited to the most demanding environments including geophysical and offshore applications. Customers may specify from a wide range of shell sizes, styles, plug and socket contact types and contact arrangements.

LMG Heavy Duty connectors

LMG Heavy Duty circular connectors

Designed specifically for use in harsh environments the heavy duty LMG Brass connector series is Weald’s most rugged connector. Designed around a heavy duty brass shell, Weald’s LMG connectors are designed for use in environments such as geophysical, mining, marine and petrochemical as well as those applications where high resistance to vibration and the ingress of liquids, together with a very rugged construction are key priorities.

LMG Brass circular connectors are environmentally sealed from IP67 to IP69K and can come as standard with 2 to 26 contacts in 19 contact arrangements with either threaded or staple coupling. Weald Electronics can provide other contact layouts on request as well as a wide variety of backshells. The connectors are available as in-line, panel and cable mounting styles.

LMG Brass connectors can handle up to 60A depending on contact size and the connectors are available in various finishes although a clean brass finish is standard.

Lane Electronics is an ideal source for all key connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, sub – miniature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test & measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications. We are a franchised distributor for many of the industry’s leading electrical and electronic connector manufacturers including HUBER+ SUHNER, Souriau and Positronic. With a strong commitment to quality with IECQ – CECC, BS9000, ISO and QPL approvals, we also have a policy of holding large stocks and are also franchised to assemble connectors to customer specific requirements.

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