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Connector Assembly Tooling Now Available Online


Connector Assembly Tooling Now Available Online

Souriau Connector Assembly Tools

We now have available a wide selection of connector assembly tools, specifically for our ranges of Souriau D38999, micro38999 and 8STA connectors, available from our online store. The tools are designed for users who prefer to assemble connectors themselves, normally but not exclusively, our extensive inventory of connector piece parts.

These are high quality assembly tools designed for contact insertion and removal as well as crimping tools, wire strippers, pliers etc. These include locators, turrets and insertion and extraction tools - many available for next day delivery.

Souriau’s D38999, micro38999 and 8STA connectors are designed for high performance applications in “difficult” environments. Micro38999 connectors offer the same levels of performance of their larger counterparts but with a significant weight and space saving while the Souriau 8STA series connectors are specifically for motorsport applications.

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