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UK-Made High-Performance Connector Backshells from Weald Electronics


UK-Made High-Performance Connector Backshells from Weald Electronics

LMA Circular Backshells MIL-DTL-38999 and 26482

Weald Electronics, a leading UK manufacturer of circular connectors and accessories for military, aerospace and demanding industrial applications, announces a new family of circular backshells and adaptors for MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 and MIL-DTL-38999/D38999 Series III and IV connector systems.

The LMA19 series backshells are sealing and strain relief backshells which Weald has produced in many sizes and in a variety of RoHS compliant finishes. According to Weald, those who need to use connector systems that meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482/38999 will be very interested to learn that we have significant stocks of standard backshells / adapters – in a variety of sizes and finishes – for next day delivery. Many standard backshells from other manufacturers can often be on lengthy lead times.

There is no minimum order quantity or value on standard products.

Designed to protect the integrity of the cable and the connection, the backshells provide cable support to prevent bending and overflexing as well as protection against the ingress of water and dirt when used with a heat shrink boot.  

Weald’s LMA backshells and adapters exactly match the quality and finish of Weald’s circular connector systems including Weald’s popular LMH series and are suitable for use with MIL-DTL-26482/38999 circular connectors from many other manufacturers.

Importantly, these are two-part components which allows uncoupling for inspection and repairs without damaging the boot.
LMA series backshells feature full 360⁰ screening against EMI/RFI interference and come with a tool-free constant force spring or band strap.

For those requiring a non-standard backshell, Weald provides a design and prototyping team to work with customers to develop the perfect solution for the application.

As well as these high-performance backshells, Weald manufactures a variety of connector accessories including nut-plates, protective caps and gaskets. These are also available from us at Lane Electronics, along with a huge selection of heat shrinkable products from HellermannTyton.

About Us

As a major UK manufacturer of electronic and electrical connectors and accessories for military and demanding industrial applications, Weald Electronics leads the way in high performance interconnection solutions based on MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-26482 specifications.

Established in 1976, Weald Electronics is part of the privately-owned Lodge Group which includes ourselves, Lane Electronics, as connector distributor, and its Autosport Division, Lane Motorsport.

Weald also manufactures protective caps and backshells for MIL-DTL-38999 and 26482 applications as well as protective caps, nutplates and gaskets for use right across demanding applications like motorsport.

Weald products are available exclusively from Lane Electronics