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Order High Performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA Cables by the Metre with No Minimum Order Quantity


Order High Performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA Cables by the Metre with No Minimum Order Quantity


As a HUBER+SUHNER distributor we are happy to announce that we can now provide HUBER+SUHNER’s industry leading high performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA coaxial cables in any length from just a metre and with no minimum order quantity (MOQ). 

According to our Managing Director Simon Hammerton, the availability in such short lengths and quantities makes the cables ideal for evaluation, trials, prototyping and low volume production runs. Typical applications for these coaxial cable products include fixed and mobile communications, transport including railways, aerospace and defence, test and measurement, medical and general industrial.

“Until now, customers wanting to use HUBER+SUHNER’s RF cable products have been obliged to purchase longer lengths and adjust them to suit their application. Our new service, fully supported by HUBER+SUHNER, allows them to specify exactly what they require”, says Simon.



HUBER+SUHNER RF Cables with Connectors

“In addition to the HUBER+SUHNER RF cables themselves”, he says, “we will soon be offering RF cable assemblies along the same lines. Once we have installed new production equipment and completed staff training, we will offer cable assemblies from a metre in any quantity.”

Enviroflex cables are halogen-free and contain no fluorine-based plastics either in the dielectric or the jacket. The dimensions of the cable exactly meet international RG standards meaning Enviroflex RF cables are suitable for use with all standard RF connectors.

HUBER+SUHNER’s Spuma cables feature extremely low loss levels and are designed for applications up to 6GHz. With a screening effectiveness of better than 90dB over the whole operating frequency range and a tight bending radius, they are suited to a wide range of high performance application.

Find out more about the HUBER+SUHNER RF Coaxial Cables that we offer here.