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Miniature High-Density Rectangular Connectors from Souriau


Miniature High-Density Rectangular Connectors from Souriau

Souriau MicroComp Connectors

The Souriau microComp® series of high-density rectangular connectors are lighter than micro-D and standard D-subminiature connectors which makes them ideal for a wide range of high-reliability applications where space and weight considerations are paramount. These include applications across motorsport including engine management systems and sensors. 

Souriau has made the microComp series available with either an aluminium or composite shell. Made from a strengthened fibre glass material for maximum mechanical resistance, the composite shells are up to 36% lighter than the aluminium version.

With high density D-Sub connectors the male contacts can be fragile because they can easily be bent. The microComp’s male contacts are fully shrouded by the insulator which means they are protected and cannot be bent. 

The removable crimp contacts are suitable for AWG 24 to 28 wires. The use of removable contacts allows for complete flexibility in application. Unlike pre-wired micro-D connector systems, microComp lets users make changes to their harness configuration during development or as required during the lifetime of the project.

The microComp connector requires the same panel cut-out and has the same external dimensions as MIL-DTL-83513 connectors. Thanks to a much lower mating force, microComp is easier to mate and unmate than micro-D. Operating temperature range is up to 175⁰C.

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