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High Density, High Performance Souriau Circular Connectors Available from Lane Electronics


High Density, High Performance Souriau Circular Connectors Available from Lane Electronics

Souriau 8STA and 8D/38999 Circular Connectors

As a Souriau-approved assembler, Lane are able to provide a wide variety of high density circular connectors, with many meeting the requirements of the MIL-DTL-38999 standard, and others being derived from that standard. In particular, we have available Souriau’s standard high density 8D/38999 connectors and their 8STA range which is widely used throughout all forms of motorsport and other applications where space, weight and environmental protection are crucial.

Souriau 8D/38999 connectors are high density, threaded coupling connectors. They are available in several shell materials including aluminium, composite and stainless steel. Available finishes include RoHS compliant Black Zinc Nickel and Zinc Cobalt plating. 

We can supply from stock standard 38999 connectors with many contact types, including signal, power, high power, coax, triax, quadrax and ELIO® fibre optic, thanks to our large stockholding. We can also assemble customer-specific connectors in a matter of days.

Souriau’s 8STA HD connectors comprise a tough aluminium body plated, as standard, with black zinc nickel or bright nickel. They rank amongst the lightest high density circular connectors currently available, providing up to 68 contacts in a shell normally having a maximum pin count of 37. This configuration allows for smaller shell sizes to be used for the same application, saving valuable space and weight. In addition, 8STA connectors feature an integral backshell which provides even more weight and space saving capacity.

Six shell sizes are available; contacts are gold plated copper alloy with a silicone rubber insulator and seal. The size 26 contacts used in Souriau 8STA HD connectors are rated at 3A.

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