HUBER+SUHNER RF Coaxial, Fibre Optic, Power and Signal Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Our high-performance RF cable assemblies are based around industry-leading cables and connectors from HUBER+SUHNER. You can order finished cable assemblies produced to your dimensions, with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and delivered in record time. They are assembled by our HUBER+SUHNER trained staff and fully tested and documented to HUBER+SUHNER’s recognized stringent standards.
The cable assemblies are built around HUBER+SUHNER’s high performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA coaxial cables and you can specify as standard BNC, SMB, N Type, SMA and TNC connectors although other HUBER+SUHNER RF connectors can be specified as your application demands.

  • Enviroflex cables are halogen-free
  • Enviroflex cables are OK for use with all standard RF connectors. 
  • Spuma cables feature extremely low loss levels
  • Spuma cables suit applications up to 6GHz
  • NO MOQ
  • Made exactly to your dimensions

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