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Weald’s Rugged 37 Way Screw Coupling Circular Connectors


Weald’s Rugged 37 Way Screw Coupling Circular Connectors

LMG 37 Way High Density Brass Electrical Connectors

Weald Electronics has made a significant addition to its LMG range of circular connectors with a new 37 way model designed for use in military vehicle and fighting ship applications. According to Weald Electronics, these new high density variants are ideal for use in communications systems.

These LMG high reliability screw coupling, brass circular connectors are designed to meet the requirements of BS9522 F0014 and are rated to IP67. Previously only available with up to 26 contacts, the new 37 contact versions are known as double density connectors, as they have plug and socket contacts in the same connector.

They are available in free shell and fixed square flange formats with a double start, quick coupling thread. Plugs have 18 male and 19 female contacts, while sockets have 18 female and 19 male contacts. Standard finish is Zinc Cobalt Olive Drab Plate and other finishes are available on request.

These LMG multi-contact circular connectors come with polychloroprene inserts with copper alloy plug and socket contacts; both are gold plated.

Maximum contact current capability is up to 3A (500V DC and AC peak) and the operating temperature range is -55° to +100°C.

The LMG Series is exclusively available through FC Lane Electronics, Weald’s sole worldwide distributor.

For more information about our rugged 37 way screw coupling circular connectors, or any of our other connectors and connector accessories, please email us at or call us on +44 (0)1403 790661.

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