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HellermannTyton heatshrink boots, shapes, tubing and adhesives available


HellermannTyton heatshrink boots, shapes, tubing and adhesives available

Hellermann Tyton Heat Shrink Boots and Tubing from FC Lane Electronics, UK distributor

HellermannTyton’s extensive high-quality range of heatshrink boots, shapes, tubing and adhesives for connectors and cable assemblies are used in a wide range of industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Electrical and Electronics, Rail, renewable energy as well as agricultural and construction vehicles.

Heatshrink shapes and tubing are essential for providing dependable protection and strain relief on connectors and cable assemblies. HellermannTyton heat shrink products have all the advantages of quick, easy installation together with high electric strength, mechanical toughness and superior chemical and environmental resistance. Whether being used in general industrial applications or for aerospace, military or motorsport usage, these products allow for connector solutions and cable assemblies to be fully protected for the environment they operate in. 

As a leading HellermannTyton distributor, Lane Electronics works with its customers to ensure that an assembly is matched with the correct heatshrink boots, shapes, tubing and related adhesive products. The extensive range of HellermannTyton heatshrink products are available in a number of different sizes and configurations and can be specified with or without a wide choice of hot-melt adhesive coatings inside to further enhance protection or simplify assembly.  

The most popular heatshrink products sold by Lane Electronics include: 

  • HellermannTyton heatshrinkable strain-relieving boots for connector backshell to cable transitions. Adhesive lined and plain shapes available from stock.
  • A variety of specialised shapes available in a wide range of sizes, materials and adhesive options
  • Ultra-compact size 01 heatshrink boots for Autosport Motorsport connectors now available exclusively from Lane Electronics / Lane Motorsport 
  • Heatshrinkable SE28 2:1 series tubing available in several sizes from 3.2-1.6 to 101.5/51.0. High performance elastomeric heatshrink tubing resistant to fuel and most fluids used in motorsport.
  • V9500 Epoxy Adhesive available from the Lane Electronics online store: epoxy gun V9500GUN, two-compound adhesive V9500DUOPACK, nozzle V9500NOZZLE.

For more info about the HellermannTyton products click here.