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Adding Value to Our Custom Connector Solutions Keeps the Customers Coming Back


Adding Value to Our Custom Connector Solutions Keeps the Customers Coming Back

FC Lane Assembly Line

I am constantly amazed that despite the many thousands of standard, off the shelf, electrical connector products we have available, our customers continue to ask us for unique solutions. A special order can simply be a request to machine a tiny amount off the shell or the flange, or adding clinch or self-locking nuts, or a unique contact layout request as well as cable assembly overmolding for environmental protection or strain relief.

One area where customer specific solutions are in great demand is fibre-optic cable assemblies. A key reason for this growth is the increasing need for high speed networks in harsh or environmentally 'difficult' environments. These applications can typically be in civil and military aircraft, fighting vehicles, military communications and shipborne installations. Key reasons for using fibre-optic connectors in these applications include high bandwidth, EMI immunity, weight saving and low attenuation of the signal – independent of frequency.

As a qualified assembling distributor for Souriau, we base our fibre-optic cable assembly capability around Souriau’s proprietary ELIOTM fibre-optic contact. The ELIO contact has many advantages including the fact that with the correct adaptors it is compatible with Souriau’s MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 600, ARINC 404, Quadrax size 8 cavities and so on.

This applications flexibility is complemented by the fact that ELIO contacts are suitable for singlemode, multimode and plastic optical fibres, are easy to mount and dismount and are field repairable with easy access for cleaning. Suitable for single cables with a diameter up to 2.2mm, they work within the temperature range of -65°C to +125°C for a 1000 hours or 150°C for 100 hours.

As a result of the increase in requests for specials, we have scaled up the in-house production and test capability at our sister company Weald Electronics by adding new people and new assembly and test equipment.

by Simon Hammerton
Managing Director