Souriau ARINC 600 Series
The Souriau ARINC 600 Series Rack and Panel Rectangular connectors are versatile, high density, modular connectors available in a variety of shell sizes, contact styles and plating finishes together with a wide variety of options to meet your exact requirements. Up to 800 signal contacts and up to 56 Quadrax contacts can be accommodated.
Main features:
  • High performance avionic rack equipment rectangular connectors compliant with
  • ARINC 600 specifi cations
  • Rack and panel connector
  • High density up to 800 signal contacts
  • Low insertion force contact design (tapered pin, LIF socket)
  • Sealed and unsealed versions
  • Multiple polarizing positions
  • Field replaceable inserts
  • Choice of front and rear removable contacts
  • Signal, power, coaxial, twinax, quadrax and optical fiber contacts

ARINC 600 Rack and Panel Rectangular Connectors Catalogue

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