Weald Electronics Connects with Leonardo – More Than 260 Connector Lines Approved To Date

Weald connectors for Leonardo 03.2019 approved.jpg

Leonardo approved Weald Electronics electrical connectors


Our sister company Weald Electronics is proud that Leonardo has approved so many of its connectors and connector accessories for use across its production sites in the United Kingdom. Like Leonardo, Weald Electronics specialises in the military and aerospace sectors and manufactures high performance interconnection solutions designed to meet the stringent standards these demanding applications require.

Many of the Weald connectors approved by Leonardo are circular connector systems built around aluminium and brass shells with contact arrangements and contacts designed for power and signal applications.

A typical connector system is the Weald LMF series which is available in either brass or aluminium. This is a multi-contact, threaded coupling, circular connector designed for DC and low frequency applications. It is available with 1 to 25 non-removable solder contacts in no less than 18 arrangements. Current rating is from 5 to 60A.

Other Weald circular connector systems approved by Leonardo include the LMG series, LMV Power series and LMH series (MIL-DTL-26482) along with a wide range of connector accessories including backshells, protective caps, gaskets and sealings.

Leonardo has also approved the Weald SM Series of sub-miniature, plastic bodied connectors for cable and panel mount applications where space is at a premium.

You can view all of the Weald connectors and accessories that we provide at fclane.com/filter/products/manufacturer/weald-electronics