UK-Made Bayonet Locking MIL-DTL-26482 Connectors Beat Demanding Environments, Whatever The Application

LMH MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 circular military connectors

LMH MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 circular military connectors

We have made available the Weald Electronics LMH series of bayonet locking circular connector systems designed to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1. Their cost-effective combination of price, size, weight, contact size, robustness and reliable quick-connect makes LMH connectors popular for a wide range of applications across many different industry sectors. These include defence equipment, industrial automation, test and measurement, high performance communications systems and instrumentation.

LMH connectors are available for signal and power applications with a maximum current rating up to 45A and a peak working voltage of 1500V DC or AC. One version is designed specifically for those applications that need EMI suppression.

A less well-known detail is that LMH connectors are manufactured with bonded insulators and contacts that are 100% pressure-tested during assembly and so can provide a reliable environmental seal even when unmated.

Weald Electronics is a UK connector manufacturer that specialises in connector systems for demanding applications. With more than 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and testing of high-performance connector systems, Weald is, as with FC Lane, part of the Lodge Group. As well as several ranges of standard connectors systems, Weald has the expertise and resources to develop and make circular and rectangular connectors to meet the exact needs of the customer. A look at Weald’s online catalogue at clearly demonstrates the scale and scope of the company’s product offering.

Versatile connector system

Equivalent to Amphenol’s 62GB connector system, Weald’s LMH series connectors are available in nine shell sizes and 25 shell styles with standard connectors supplied with 2 to 61 solder bucket contacts. A choice of PCB contacts may also be selected and crimp contacts may be specified on a number of layouts. As well as meeting the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1, LMH connectors are manufactured to IECQ-CECC spec BS/CECC 75201-003 and BS 9522 F0017.

As standard, LMH connector shells are Aluminium Alloy with a choice of high corrosion resistance plating finishes including the popular RoHS complaint electroless nickel and black zinc nickel plating and predominantly for defence applications the traditional olive drab and RoHS compliant zinc cobalt finishes may be specified. 

The LMH connectors for power applications are available in 4 shell sizes and various styles housing 2 to 5 contacts in 6 contact arrangements. To satisfy electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) requirements, free shells can be fitted with grounding fingers. Fixed & free shells can be fitted with accessories for screened cable termination.

The LMH series LMHF version is designed for use where EMI suppression is required. Designed for easy assembly, the LMHF connector eliminates the need for extra components, coming as it does with its own internal filtering in fixed square flange or single hole mounting shell styles. This helps reduce the space envelope required for filtering which can often become a real challenge when upgrading existing equipment and the use of a single connector component can help simplify and reduce assembly times and weight.

Weald Electronics manufactures a variety of accessories to complete its LMH range offering. These include LMA19 series backshells and LMD series protective caps designed and made to the same very high standards.

Standard LMH and LMHF connectors are generally available from stock on a next day delivery basis with no minimum quantity or order value. For those with an application that needs a custom connector solution, Weald is able to design and assemble LMH specials to a customer’s exact specification on short lead times.

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