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Positronic's Scorpion Rack and Panel Connectors Mix Power and Signal Contacts to Increase Versatility


Positronic's Scorpion Rack and Panel Connectors Mix Power and Signal Contacts to Increase Versatility

Positronic Scorpion Connectors

Scorpionis a new rack and panel connector system manufactured by Positronic that allows users an almost 'limitless' choice of pin configurations. It can be configured for use as a power or signal connector, or as a combination of the two.

Our Sales Director, Nick Wheeler, describes Positronic’s Scorpion system as probably the most versatile modular power/signal connector system on the market.  He says “In essence, engineers can specify any configuration they wish, from any number of power and signal modules as well as a range of guide and locking arrangements. All this and any combination from just one module to many up to a maximum connector length of 101mm.” 

The Positronic Scorpion Series of rack and panel connectors is available in several formats including board to board, cable to cable or board and panel to cable or board. Blind mate is a feature as is an integral locking system on the cable connector option. 

Contacts are available in crimp, straight and 90 degree solder as well as straight press-fit (solderless) PCB termination.

Customers can also specify Positronic’s proprietary PosiBand® contact, a true closed entry contact with an unbroken ring of solid material right at the face of the contact. This ensures that it overcomes the weaknesses inherent in the design of many closed entry female contacts currently being used by a selection of connector manufacturers. Since the PosiBand contact provides a greater surface area at the female/male contact interface this is said to offer greater reliability. It requires a lower insertion force which is very important in high density connector systems and features very low contact resistance levels. The Posiband contact is available for contacts #22, 18, 16 and 12.

With a height of just 14.6mm, users are able to specify housings with optional ventilation slots for increased cooling and sequential mating restricts the number of connections that go 'live' simultaneously.

As an authorised Positronic distributor, we can supply a full complement of accessories to add to the versatility of the Scorpion rack and panel series.

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