Our Sponsored Student Racing Team, HyTech Racing, Crowned Champions in Formula Hybrid Challenge, Georgia Institute of Technology

We are so happy to announce that another one of our sponsored student racing car teams, HyTech Racing, came first in their latest race. HyTech, who are student-run, were competing in the United States at the Georgia Institute of Technology (better known as Georgia Tech). They entered the Formula Hybrid challenge as defending champions, and came out victorious once more, placing first in the Electric Only class.

Formula Hybrid is a student engineering competition that consists of both static (Design and Project Management) and dynamic (Acceleration, Autocross, and Endurance) events. It happens every year. The organisers believe that the event represents a holistic engineering challenge across multiple disciplines where the goal is to design and build the best hybrid or electric racing car.

In that regard, HyTech Racing designed and built a fully-electric racing car, winning their class with an outstanding 899.2 points out of a possible 1000. The nearest challenger was Princeton University with 636.58, which goes to show what an incredible job they did.

The upshot of this was that they beat their previous record, finishing first in the Autocross event with a 44.092 second heat. They were also the only team this year to finish the 44km Endurance course, a feat that only one other electric team has ever done. First place in the Design Presentation and second place in the Project Management Presentation proved that the team’s design methodologies passed rigorous examination.

The car (pictured) weighed in as the lightest vehicle at the competition at 368lbs, a 45lb reduction on last year's vehicle. 

HyTech’s winning car uses a number of Souriau 8STA motorsport connector systems, accessories and tooling, all designed for applications across motorsport from exciting projects like HyTech Racing to the demanding environment that is Formula One. According to HyTech’s Team President Nathan Cheek, using the Souriau 8STA connector system provided many benefits over the previous connector types, including a five-fold increase in pin density, a five-fold reduction in terminal installation time and a five-fold increase in mating cycles from 100 to 500. 

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