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Miniature High-density Rectangular Connectors Meet Demand for Smaller and Lighter Systems


Miniature High-density Rectangular Connectors Meet Demand for Smaller and Lighter Systems

Souriau microCOMP high density rectangular connectors 2mm pitch crimp connectors

The demand for smaller and lighter product assemblies is driving the continued miniaturization of almost every electronic system, with connector manufacturers developing miniature connectors that take up less space yet perform the same as their larger counterparts. There is particular demand for these innovations in the Mil/Aero and motorsport market sectors, areas where we are particularly active.

As well as the successful Souriau 8STA circular connector ranges from Eaton currently finding wide application in motorsport, we have made available a family of Souriau microComp miniature rectangular connectors from the same manufacturer. While these are also finding applications across all forms of motorsport, it is in the mil/aero sector where our sales director Nick Wheeler sees the most potential for these high-density, high reliability connector systems.


Applications include radar, missiles and weapon systems, in-flight entertainment systems, displays, infrared cameras, battery management systems, satellite equipment, engine control units, flight test equipment, data acquisition systems, in addition to cockpit equipment and avionics for satellites, UAVs, civilian and military aircraft.

As well as their size, weight and density, key features of Souriau’s microComp connectors include high vibration and voltage withstanding, easy installation, a high Ethernet performance, removable #26 crimp contacts, a wide operating temperature range and a lifetime that includes 500 mating cycles. 

Excellent Ethernet Performance

A high Ethernet performance is important for today’s often data hungry applications. Thanks to microComp’s very short contacts, the connectors are fully Ethernet 100 base T compatible allowing up to four Ethernet links in a 25-way connector and fully Ethernet 1000 base T compatible allowing up to two Ethernet links in the same configuration.

microComp shells are available in aluminium and composite material. The composite shells are formed from a strengthened fibreglass material for maximum mechanical resistance and are up to 36% lighter than aluminium shells. The advanced RoHS compliant Nickel over composite plating process used on microComp has been qualified on Eaton’s Souriau MIL-DTL-38999 product range (technology that is selected by Boeing and Airbus) and provides optimized shielding and shell-to-shell continuity, while providing an outstanding 2000 hours salt spray corrosion resistance.

microComp’s male connectors are scoop proof – an important feature of these tiny rectangular connectors. With high density D-Sub connectors, the male contacts are generally fragile and can easily be damaged. The microComp’s male contacts are fully shrouded by the insulator which means they are protected and cannot be damaged. Optional sealing may be specified, provided by rear sealing grommets and interfacial seals for when the connectors are mated together. Hermetic versions with stainless steel shells provide additional sealing performance where sealing is required un-mated.

Versatile and flexible

Different shell sizes provide a choice of contact arrangement from 7 ways across two rows up to 104 ways across 5 rows, with a universal 2mm contact pitch across all sizes. The removable gold-plated crimp contacts are suitable for AWG 24 to 28 wires while straight and angled PCB contacts can also be specified. The microComp contact form complies with ESCC Space standard ESCC 3401/083 for high electrical and mechanical performance, ensuring reliability and performance in demanding environments with high levels of shock and vibration.

The use of removable contacts allows for complete flexibility in application. Unlike pre-wired micro-D connector systems, microComp lets users make changes to their harness configuration during development or as required during the lifetime of the project.  

A dedicated range of accessories completes the microComp range, which includes straight and angled EMC backshells, locking jackscrews and posts, pcb mounting hardware and protective anti-static dust caps.

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