Launch of Fast Turnaround RF Cable Assembly Service for HUBER+SUHNER Cables and Connectors

Huber Suhner RF Cable Assemblies

Huber Suhner RF Cable Assemblies

We have introduced a cable assembly service that delivers high performance RF cables assemblies based around industry-leading cable and connectors from HUBER+SUHNER. What will certainly interest customers is the fact that finished cable assemblies are manufactured to customer dimensions, with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and delivered in record time.

These cable assemblies are assembled by our fully trained staff and fully tested and documented to HUBER+SUHNER’s recognized stringent standards. Due to their availability in custom lengths and quantities these cables are ideal for low volume production runs, trials, project evaluation and prototyping. The fast turnaround will also help those who “suddenly” find themselves needing a cable assembly in a hurry.

Prior to the launch of this cable assembly service, customers wanting to use HUBER+SUHNER’s RF cable products would have been obliged to purchase directly from HUBER+SUHNER. This new service allows you to buy the same product as you would have purchased directly from HUBER+SUHNER, but with shorter leadtimes.

We predict that the most popular applications for these cable assemblies will be fixed and mobile communications, transport including railways, aerospace and defence, test and measurement, medical and general industrial.

The cable assemblies are built around HUBER+SUHNER’s high performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA coaxial cables. We are expecting that the most popular connectors requested by customers will be BNC, SMB, N Type, SMA and TNC, although other HUBER+SUHNER RF connectors can be specified as per the application's demands.

Enviroflex cables are halogen-free and contain no fluorine-based plastics either in the dielectric or the jacket. The dimensions of the cable exactly meet international RG standards. This means that Enviroflex RF cables are suitable for use with all standard RF connectors. 

HUBER+SUHNER’s Spuma cables feature extremely low loss levels and are designed for applications up to 6GHz. They are suited to a wide range of high performance applications, with a screening effectiveness of better than 90dB over the whole operating frequency range and a tight bending radius.

Huber Suhner RF Cables

Huber Suhner RF Cables

About FC Lane

We are a franchised distributor for many of the industry’s leading electrical and electronic connector manufacturers including HUBER+SUHNER, Souriau, and Positronic and are an ideal source for all key connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, sub – miniature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test & measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications.

With a strong commitment to quality with IECQ – CECC, ISO and QPL approvals, we have a policy of holding large stocks and are also franchised to assemble connectors to customer specific requirements.