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Lane's Larissa Schläfli Visits Souriau Production Facilities in France


Lane's Larissa Schläfli Visits Souriau Production Facilities in France

Larissa at Souriau in France

Back in September last year, we announced Larissa Schläfli as our new business development manager with particular responsibility for interconnection solutions for customers across the aerospace and defence industry.

Having spent a lot of time in the connector industry, it hasn’t taken Larissa very long to get up to speed here at Lane – a situation helped by her recent visit to two Souriau production facilities in France where, as an assembling, value added distributor for Souriau, many of our connector products for high performance, demanding applications are designed and manufactured.

The main reason for Larrisa’s visit to Souriau’s Le Mans and Champagne facilities was product training and a chance to meet the Souriau people she will interface with on a very regular basis.

Here’s Larissa’s take on her “Tour de France”. 

“Getting to see Souriau at home was very beneficial because I am now much more knowledgeable on the products and am better able to help existing and potential customers make the right connector choice for their application.”

“The tour of the Souriau plants gave me the perfect opportunity to see how a connector is produced from the materials used and ending with final testing as well as how much skill and effort goes into it. Souriau has a lot of very impressive machinery along with a very professional workforce.”

“If asked for the highlight of my tour, it’s realising the broad range of products they have that are specific to the aerospace and defence industries which I am sure many of my customers might not be aware of. For example, I was blown away by Souriau’s fibre optic capability and how it is being used more and more across demanding environments. I am now much better positioned to help our customers put the latest FO technology to use.” 

“All in all a highly interesting and informative few days and I am looking forward to putting what I learned into practice during 2020”.

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