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Connecting and Protecting Across Mil/Aero Applications with HUBER+SUHNER


Connecting and Protecting Across Mil/Aero Applications with HUBER+SUHNER

huber suhner rf products for mil aero applications

We have made available a wide-ranging package of RF connectors, RF cables, lightning protectors and RF power limiters designed to connect and protect installations and systems across a broad range of Mil/Aero applications.

Manufactured by leading interconnection specialist HUBER+SUHNER, the products meet the very high quality and performance standards required across the military/marine and aerospace/avionics sectors.

"Since Lane was established more than 50 years ago, we have provided customers of all sizes with a wide variety of power and signal connector solutions designed for use in land, airborne and ship-based applications", says our sales director Nick Wheeler

"Today, many of the areas where electronics technology plays an increasingly major role include systems that rely on RF connectivity which is where our package of HUBER+SUHNER connectors, cables and protection devices will appeal to customers who demand the best available product solutions for their application."

"These applications include fixed and mobile communications, ground, air and shipborne radar installations, navigation aids, portable jamming equipment, satellite- based systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced imaging systems, displays and tablets", adds Nick.

RF Connectors

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global provider of radio frequency connectors for the transmission of analogue and digital signals and has many years of experience in the engineering and production of coaxial connectors
With a comprehensive stock portfolio, we offer next day delivery of many standard RF connectors with no minimum order value or quantity. These standard versions include BNC, SMB, N Type, SMA and TNC connectors. For non-standard connectors, HUBER+SUHNER can develop customer specific solutions.

Cable Assemblies

Between HUBER+SUHNER and ourselves, customers have access to a comprehensive range of RF and Microwave cable assemblies delivering the very best electrical and mechanical performance. Thanks to our in-house and flexible cable assembly facility, customers can select from a broad portfolio of standard cable types and connectors, but with non-standard cable lengths, allowing them to easily create their own unique cable assembly combination. 

We can supply to order cable assemblies built around HUBER+SUHNER’s high performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA coaxial cables and fitted as standard with BNC, SMB, N Type, SMA and TNC connectors. Other RF connectors can be specified to suit the application. These are available with no minimum order quantity and delivered very quickly - all assembled by the company’s HUBER+SUHNER trained staff and fully tested and documented to HUBER+SUHNER’s recognized stringent standards.


We have available a comprehensive selection of lightning and surge protectors covering all major protection technologies, frequency bands, installation options and interfaces. According to Nick Wheeler, the protection devices include gas discharge and quarter wave stub type solutions for RF applications available with bulkhead, stud and clamp mounting options and offered with a selection of connector types including SMA, BNC, N and 7/16.
Four decades of experience in developing and manufacturing coaxial lightning EMP and NEMP protectors are the foundation of the current HUBER+SUHNER RF protection portfolio. The products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the RF/microwave, telecommunications and wireless industry and cover civil, security and defence applications.