8STA  Autosport / Motorsport Power Connectors up to 200A

These 8STA power contacts can handle up to 200A continuous for even the most demanding motorsport power applications including batteries, alternators and starter motors. By combining a mix of contact and wire sizes, space and cost saving is assured while easy visual wire identification speeds installation.

Main features:

  • Size 4 contact for a wide range of wire sizes: Size 8, 10, 16, 25 & 35 mm²
  • Easy visual wire identification: Coloured band on contact
  • Allow the use of small wire sections: Reducer for wires 8 & 10 mm² in contact barrel 16mm²
  • Ideal for high power applications:Up to 200A continuous (12-01 specif. 261)
  • Space & cost saving with mixed connectors: Only one connector instead of 2 to transmit signal & power
Assembled for Souriau in the UK by FC LANE ELECTRONICS.