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New 90⁰ Weald Backshells added to our extensive range of connector accessories for applications from defence to industrial electronic equipment


New 90⁰ Weald Backshells added to our extensive range of connector accessories for applications from defence to industrial electronic equipment

We can now supply from stock the new LMA19H3 Series 90⁰ Backshells from Weald Electronics which are manufactured in accordance with the M85049/90 specification, for use with D38999 connectors. The new 90⁰ Backshells allow for a more compact bend than a conventional 90⁰ heat shrink boot while still providing good mechanical protection and EMC performance. It is frequently the case that a 90⁰ Backshell can provide a tighter bend radius than the jacketed and screened cable would allow on its own. 

A common use is for cable plugs that are connecting to the front of equipment as the compact dimensions allow the cable to be kept away from the equipment while in use. When used in this manner the same teeth that mesh with the teeth on the back of D38999 connectors allow the angle to be set or ‘clocked’ in a convenient position helping to direct the cable away in exactly the desired direction.

Lane Electronics wide portfolio of connector accessories are designed for high performance applications including defence, aerospace and demanding industrial applications Lane Electronics will be able to find a protection solution for most connectors and have a dedicated advisory team available to assist customers find their perfect interconnection solution. 

A large stock of standard backshells in many sizes and finishes as well as adhesive lined and plain shaped shrinkable boots are always ready for immediate delivery, with no minimum order quantity or value requirement. Lane Electronics can also supply a range of nut plates, protective caps and gaskets to complete product final assembly.

LMA19 Series heat shrink boot EMC spring and band straight and angled backshells equivalent to 91 Series Polamco

Weald sealing and strain relief backshells are manufactured in the UK and have been designed for MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 and MIL-DTL-38999 (D38999) Series III and IV connector systems. Known as the LMA19 series, the backshells protect the cable and the integrity of the overall connection. They eliminate cable bending and over flexing and when used with a heat shrink boot, they prevent the ingress of liquids and dirt.

Key features include:

  • Compatible with MIL-DTL-38999 (D38999) Series III and IV or MIL-DTL-26482 Series I circular connectors
  • Manufactured in accordance with the AS85049/M85049 specification
  • Two-part design allows uncoupling for inspection and repairs without damaging the boot
  • Full 360⁰ screening against EMI/RFI interference
  • Supplied with a with a tool-free constant force spring or band strap
  • Alternatives to D38999 type strain relief backshells/adapters from Amphenol (BK4 and BL1), Polamco/TE (91 and BT Series) and Glenair (440-030). 
  • Provide cable support to prevent bending and over flexing as well as protect against the ingress of water and dirt when used with a heat shrink boot.
  • Maintain the quality, materials and finishes of Lane Electronics’ circular connector systems including Eaton’s Souriau 8D/D38999 series and Weald’s popular LMH series and are suitable for use with MIL-DTL-26482/38999 circular connectors from many other manufacturers
  • Standard versions available from stock with no minimum order quantity or value
  • Special products available quickly from enquiry to delivery

Our heat-shrinkable moulded shapes and adhesives are produced by HellermannTyton who are recognised as a leader in this key sector. The products include heat-shrink tubing, heat-shrinkable strain-relieving boots for connector backshell to cable transitions, as well as specialised shapes in a wide range of sizes, materials, and adhesive options. 

For more info about the LMA19 series backshells click here or visit Weald Electronics website.