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Hellermanntyton Heat Shrink Tubing Available From Stock At Market Beating Prices


Hellermanntyton Heat Shrink Tubing Available From Stock At Market Beating Prices

Hellermanntyton Heat Shrink Tubing

High Performance Heat Shrink Tubing for Motorsport, Aerospace and more

Lane Electronics customers can order HellermannTyton SE28 heat shrink tubing, by the reel or metre online 24/7 at highly competitive prices with same day shipping from stock, depending on time order is received. A wide range of high-performance SE28 Series heat shrink tubing products is available, suitable for demanding applications and increasingly being used by designers across the motorsport, aerospace, defence and railway sectors.

Nick Wheeler, Sales Director of Lane Electronics says, “Our current stock holding means we are in a strong position to offer our customers immediate delivery and attractive prices that have not risen in a materials supply environment that is typically seeing long lead-times and high price increases.”

HellermannTyton’s SE28 Series heat shrink tubing is designed to protect cable and cable harnesses from mechanical damage such as abrasion and resist a wide range of destructive fluids including diesel and aviation fuels, and fluids found in hydraulic systems. Made from cross-linked elastomer with an operating temperature range of -75ºC to +150ºC the ultra-wide temperature range makes the tubing ideal for applications across most motorsport platforms, and as with DR-25, SE28 tubing is qualified to VG95343T05D.

The SE28 high performance elastomeric 2:1 heat-shrink tubing is available from Lane Motorsport, a specialist division of Lane Electronics, and is a direct equivalent to the popular DR25 tubing. It is currently available from stock in sizes 3.2/1.6, 4.8/2.4, 6.4/3.2, 9.5/4.8, 12.7/6.4, 19.0/9.5, 24.4/12.7, 38.0/19.0 and 51.0/24.4mm.

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With a multi-million-pound connector and piece-part stockholding and next-day delivery, Lane Electronics are the preferred source across many industry sectors including motorsport, defence, avionics, marine, communications, medical, test and measurement, general industrial and geophysical.