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Souriau-Sunbank 8D High Power Connectors, Capable of Handling up to 850A, Now Available


Souriau-Sunbank 8D High Power Connectors, Capable of Handling up to 850A, Now Available

D38999 High Power High Current Circular Connectors Electric Cars

We have made available a series of power connectors designed to meet the most demanding applications where high power and shielding are required. Applications will include all types of military vehicles as well as electric vehicle (EV) platforms.

The Souriau 8D/D38999 High Power Series is manufactured by Eaton for whom we are an assembling distributor. We holds stocks of a wide range of Souriau 8D Series piece parts which allows assembly to order on very short lead times.

Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999, the threaded coupling Souriau 8D connectors are available in three sizes of aluminium alloy shell, each housing a single silver plated power contact: Size 19 can handle up to 450A, Size 23 up to 650A while Size 25 can handle up to 850A, all at 40⁰C.

The connectors incorporate a high performance contact design to ensure no micro disconnect under vibration as well as high contact endurance and low contact resistance. For safety, the contact engagement point is recessed to prevent arcing during mating/unmating and the pin contact is fitted with a plastic cap to prevent electric shock.

Finished as standard in Cadmium Olive Drab or Black Zinc Nickel, the 8D Series features a modular design to make installation easy. This includes a removable backshell, straight, right angle or threaded contact and backshell termination by shrink boot. Across the three shell sizes, it is possible to crimp various cable types from 50 to 185mm². Eaton has designed the Souriau 8D Series to be good for 500 mating/unmating operations.

More information on Souriau-Sunbank's 8D Series / MIL-DTL-38999 high power connectors here