We are an authorised distributor for Positronic, a market leading manufacturer of high reliability high power, D-Sub, rectangular, modular and circular connectors offering mission critical performance for industrial, medical, aerospace and MIL applications.

With continuous development, the most common connector used in the electronics industry is the D-subminiature and Positronic manufactures a wide variety of sizes, termination styles and contact variants to suit many applications, options include:

We also stock and a wide range of D-sub accessories including cable adaptors and hoods from Positronic and supply customer-specific solutions from sister company Weald Electronics, along with additional options from manufacturers ITW McMurdo, TE Polamco and Glenair.

Other Positronic connector products available from Lane Electronics include the Scorpion series, claimed to be the most versatile modular power/signal connector on the market. Manufactured from modular tooling the range can be easily configured for use as a power connector, a signal level connector, or a combination of both and features a unique locking system for blind mating, float mount and cable connector options. A low profile, 8.2mm high, version is available for high density applications. High-power contacts are rated up to 100 amperes per contact and venting options provide improved air cooling, making this a very interesting product for the latest EV and power distribution developments. 

Also available from Lane Electronics are the Positronic MIL-DTL-28748 rectangular rack and panel connectors, the Goldfish Power Series connectors with high power Hot Plug capability, the industry standard Power Connection Systems (PCS), and the GH, LGH and MGH Series of miniature circle hex connectors.

Nick Wheeler, our Sales Director, says, “with Lanes’ availability and Positronic’s range of high-reliability connectors provides a market-leading source of supply for designers and buyers.

Lane Electronics is an ideal source for all key connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, subminiature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test and measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications.

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