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Offering Support and Short Leadtimes For the Medical Sector


Offering Support and Short Leadtimes For the Medical Sector

As a distributor of specialist connector solutions we want to make it easy for customers to quickly specify and purchase a wide range of connectors for many different and diverse medical equipment applications. Our Sales Director Nick Wheeler states that this is particularly important right now for manufacturers and users of medical equipment and systems who need short leadtimes across a wide range of connector options, while continuing to support longer-term supply for current and new system designs.

We represent several connector manufacturers whose products are widely used across the medical sector, including Positronic, Neutrik and Weald Electronics. Their connectors can be found in many medical systems including ventilators, patient monitors and portable equipment including displays and high-performance analysis systems. All of these connector systems are designed to reliably operate across the wide range of environments that are found in many medical applications.

Highly Reliable and Versatile

Our recently remodelled website offers easy-to-use product selection by product types and market sector as well as manufacturer and MIL specification references. The company has also added to the number of connectors and accessories which can be readily specified and purchased from stock. These include Positronic’s Goldfish and Scorpion connectors, Neutrik’s opticalCON and etherCON systems, Weald’s LMH series of bayonet coupling circular connectors and the Weald M300 two-part PCB connector system

Positronic D-Sub, Rectangular, Goldfish and Scorpion Connectors

Positronic electrical connectors for medial applications

The Positronic Goldfish connector system features multiple contact sizes which allows users to mix AC/DC input, signal and DC distributed output in a single package. Goldfish allows users to specify 12, 16, 20 and 22 contact sizes in a mixed density package while the excellent blind mating feature allows for 2mm misalignment. Offering no less than six contact options, Positronic’s Goldfish connectors use touch safe recessed female contacts with a large surface area contact design that combines energy saving with low contact resistance. 

Scorpion is a versatile rack and panel connector system which allows users to put together an almost “limitless” choice of pin configuration. It can be configured for use as a power or signal connector or as a combination of the two.

Scorpion is available in several formats including board to board, cable to cable or board and panel to cable or board. Blind mate is a feature as is an integral locking system on the cable connector option. Contacts are available in crimp, straight and 90-degree solder as well as straight press-fit (solderless) PCB termination. Users can also specify Positronic’s proprietary PosiBand contact which overcomes the weaknesses inherent in the design of many closed entry female contacts currently in use by a number of connector manufacturers.

Neutrik powerCON, opticalCON and etherCON Systems

Neutrik opticalCON, etherCON, powerCON, RJ45, fibre and Ethernet connectors for medical applications

Neutrik’s etherCON is a ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connector system optimized for high performance network applications. The connectors feature a diecast shell with what Neutrik describes as a unique chuck-type strain relief etherCON allows for the assembly of pre-assembled conventional RJ45 cables.

With models based on, and compatible with standard LC fibre connectors, opticalCON is designed to overcome the weakness inherent in fibre-optic connector systems. Designed for difficult environments, these connectors guarantee a safe, dust protected and rugged connection. The Neutrik opticalCON MTP cable connector features a robust all-metal housing and heavy-duty strain relief as well as an innovative spherical dust cover which protects the fibre from contamination and minimizes maintenance.





Weald Electronics LMH, SM/SMA, BA and M300 Series


Weald Electronics electrical connectors for medical applications

The picture shows a RoHS compliant Nickel plated LMH circular connectors with a Weald LMA19D backshell, M300 series connectors, SM / SMA series connectors and BA series connectors.

The highly reliable Weald Electronics LMH series of bayonet coupling circular connectors are designed to meet the requirements of the military specification MIL-DTL-26482 for performance-critical applications. Available in a variety of shell styles, sizes and contact arrangements from 2 to 61, the connector shells are manufactured from aluminium alloy with a range of protective plating finishes. The quick-connect bayonet coupling provides a reliable connection with a positive click when fully engaged.

The Weald Electronics M300 series of high density, two-part PCB connector comprises three row, 2mm pitch connectors which can be supplied in 27, 51 and 78-way sizes. They are available in a variety of formats including male straight pc, 90º pc and crimp terminations, and female straight pc, flexi circuit and crimp terminations as well as a male panel mount version. These are ideal for board-to-board or cable-to-cable applications where high resistance to vibration and extreme reliability are paramount.

Technical Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To overcome the potential sales and technical support issues caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have made our product specialists available live and online via this website. This allows them to provide technical, applications and commercial assistance at the simple click of a button.