New Positronic MACH-D D-Sub connectors designed for use in next-generation harsh environments


Positronic Mach-D M24308 D-Sub Connectors from FC Lane Electronics

We can now supply the Positronic MACH-D connector. The MACH-D family of products is the newest member of the industry-leading D-Sub connector lineup from Positronic and designed for use in next-generation harsh environments. All MACH-D products feature machined aluminum or stainless-steel shells for the ultimate in durability, precision, planarity and electromagnetic compatibility. 

MACH-D products are available in standard and high-density signal contact arrangements as well as hybrid versions, which combine power and signal in a single connector body and custom options are available on request.

Machined shells are the primary difference between MACH-D products and their M24308 cousins, which are only available in stamped shells. Despite this difference in shell construction, MACH-D connectors are fully intermateable with standard M24308-type D-Subs and in many cases outperform the minimum requirements as outlined in MIL-DTL-24308. Additionally, MACH-Ds are performance-comparable and mechanically compatible with Glenair’s Series 28 HiPer-D® connectors.

MIL-DTL-24308-style D-Subminiature connectors are increasingly popular in harsh environment applications such as defense electronics, commercial aircraft, medical devices, deep space and more. MACH-D connectors feature unique accessory options including keyed jackscrews, rear silicone grommets, interfacial seals, EMI grounding strips, and a 360-degree banding feature which is useful when space limitations preclude the use of a full-size backshell.

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