Weald Electronics Connectors logoTo help you select and purchase these Weald Electronics M300 series PCB connectors, we have provided below all the part numbers you need. The M300 series consists of two-part, high density PCB connectors for board-to-board or cable-to-cable applications where high resistance to vibration and extreme reliability are paramount. M300 series connectors are three row, 2mm pitch products which can be supplied in 27, 51 and 78 way sizes. They are available in a variety of formats including male straight pc, 90º pc and crimp terminations, and female straight pc, flexi circuit and crimp terminations as well as a male panel mount version.

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301F27C01C00 301F27C01C01 301F27D01C01 301F27T03A00 301F27T03A01 301F27Y03A00 301F51C01C00 301F51C01C01 301F51C03C01 301F51D01C00 301F51D01C01 301F51N03A00 301F51T03A00 301F51T03A01 301F51Y03A00 301F51Y03A00485 301F51Y03A01 301F78C01C00 301F78C01C01 301F78D01C01 301F78D03C01 301F78T03A00 301F78T03A01 301F78Y03A00 301F78Y03A00485 301M27C01C00 301M27C01C01 301M27D01C00 301M27L03A00 301M27L03A01 301M27N03A00 301M27T03A00 301M27T03A01 301M27T03B00 301M27Y03A00 301M51C01C00 301M51C01C01 301M51L03A00 301M51L03A01 301M51T03A00 301M51T03A01 301M78C01C00 301M78C01C01 301M78L03A00 301M78L03A01 301M78N03A00 301M78T03A00 301M78T03A01 301M78Y03A00 301M78Y03A01 301M78YO3AOO CS4118F301 CS3474F301 CS3475F301 MP6809 MP6822 301F27T03C00 301F51T03C00 301F78N03A00 301M27X03A00 301F27D01C00 301F78D01C00 301F27D03C00