ITW McMurdo Connectors logoHere is a list of part numbers for the ITWMcMurdo Connectors Red Range of rugged industrial rack and panel connectors designed for use in blind mating applications throughout industry.

The Red Range from ITWMcMurdo Connectors is available in four sizes with options for cable or PCB mounting. Users can specify 8, 16, 24 or 32 contacts all with a 5A current capability and peak working voltages to 800VDC and AC.

Key features include excellent current carrying characteristics, barrier or dowel polarization and the use of floating bushes to assist alignment in hard to access applications. ITWMcMurdo Connectors has designed the Red Range connectors around Nylon PF or Diallyl-phthalate (DAP) insulators with gold plated copper alloy contacts and stainless steel mounting plates.

Red Range connectors are good for up to 500 mating cycles and can be supplied with aluminum covers that come with a universal top or side entry cable clamp.

If you found the part number that you were looking for please contact us and we will send you a quotation.

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2360766A 2360766B 2360766E 2360766G 2360766H CS1790FDIN CS1790F1696H CS1791F1696F CS179F1696F DEF4P4324 DRP108 DRP108L DRP108SL DRP116 DRP116L DRP116SL DRP124 DRP124L DRP124SL DRP124T DRP132 DRP132L DRP132SL DRP132T DRPD116 DRPD124 DRPD132 DRS108 DRS108L DRS108P DRS108SL DRS116 DRS116L DRS116P DRS116SL DRS124 DRS124L DRS124P DRS124SL DRS124T DRS132 DRS132L DRS132P DRS132SL DRS132T DRSD116 DRSD124 DRSD132 MP150 MP1340 MP2730 RC108 RC116 RC124 RC132 RLH RLL RP16 RP16L RP16SL RP24 RP24T RP24L RP24SL RP24TT RP32 RP32L RP32SL RP32T RP8 RP8MARKED RP8L RP8SL RP8T RPD16 RPM1323 RPM24 RPM108 RPM1081 RPM116 RPM11616 RPM1161 RPM1162 RPM1163 RPM1241 RPM12410 RPM12411 RPM12412 RPM1242 RPM1243 RPM1244 RPM1245 RPM1246 RPM1247 RPM1248 RPM1249 RPM132 RPM1321 RPM1322 RPM32 RS16 RS16L RS16P RS16SL RS24 RS24L RS24P RS24SL RS24T RS32 RS32L RS32P RS32SL RS32T RS8 RS8MARKED RS8L RS8P RS8PT RS8PT4K RS8SL RSD16 RSM1082 RSM1161 RSM1162 RSM1163 RSM1241 RSM12412 RSM1242 RSM1243 RSM1244 RSM1245 RSM1246 RSM1247 5.94E+12 RSM1322 DRP116T RP16T RS447061 RS447077 RS447083 RS447099