DIN 41612

DIN 41612 covers connectors which are designed with single, double or triple rows of contacts. The standard labels these as rows A, B and C. The connectors have 16 or 32 columns making it possible to house 16, 32, 64 or 96 contacts. The rows and columns are 0.1in (2.54mm) or 0.2in (5.08mm) pitch and connectors built to meet the DIN 41612 standard are completely interchangeable with those of other DIN 41612 connectors as it is very common for applications to call for product from a variety of manufacturers. Insertion and removal force are covered and it is commonplace for the female connector to incorporate press fit contacts instead of solder pin to protect the backplane from heat. 

The standard has been upgraded to international standards IEC 60603-2 and EN 60603-2.

Lane Electronics satisfies DIN 41612 applications with the PANCON HI-CON series of 0.1in (2.54mm) or 0.2in (5.08mm) pitch connectors. PANCON’s HI-CON DIN 41612 connectors can be supplied in the standard DIN Styles B, 1/2B, C, 1/2C, C+1, D, E, F male-female with dual wipe contacts. We have them available in a wide range of termination lengths and termination methods including solder tail and wirewrap. 

We also have the AVX press fit DIN 41612 connectors available with a variety of contact types including PC solder, wire wrap, crimp, IDC, hand-solder, press-fit, coaxial and power. These can be selectively loaded which many customers find very useful. Other features include sequential contact mating and the use of retention clips, a resistance to flux and with a high temperature capability.