Viking Connectors Part Numbers

Viking Connectors logoAnyone looking for Viking connectors will find several models in stock at FC Lane - although we are unable to add new products to our inventory. Below are the part numbers for the connectors we do have and they include Viking’s BT approved VITEL connectors, the Viking VSBX board to board connectors, and the THORKOM miniature circular connectors. In addition to these Viking connectors, we can also supply from a huge range of board to board, cable to cable, and cable to panel applications from other manufacturers.

If you found the part number that you were looking for please contact us and we will send you a quotation.

2016671 2800158 2808316 2808316 2808355 2850001 23680802 80030000 120049000 128006000 130008000 350140000 360097001 360097002 360097003 360099001 360118000 368000001 368000002 368000003 368000004 368001001 368001003 368001004 368002001 368002002 368002003 368002004 500110000 514243196 878000006 910024000 910051000 910071000 910110000 918001000 1018001001 1018002001 1018003001 1018004001 1018005001 1018007001 1018008001 1018009001 1018010001 1018011001 1118001000 1150147000 1150150000 1150392000 1150633000 6102014539 8000550001 8000550002 9900004015 9900014061 9900014062 9900038702 9900038704 10P55606NN2424 10P55606NN2424HB 2KH221AN5 2KH4301AND12 2VH151AN5 3AH361JNK12 3GH309JNK01 3GT301JNK1 3KH251JND12 3KH281CNKS 3KH401JN5 3KT102JV12 3KT202JNK12 3KT492JFA12DCS 3VH101JN5 3VH181JV5 3VH251JN5 3VH401JN5 3VH409CND15095 3VH501JNK1 3VH501JV5 3VH509JN5 3VN501CND5 3VN501CND5088 3VT492JFA12 3VT501CND5(081) 3VT501JND5 AMC02PA03R AP74RP26 BACC47EF2 BACC47EF3 BAD00250 DP100AU DS100AU DSRST15RA05 EGG00302CNL EGG00303CNL EGG3B308CLL FGG00302CNAD30 FGG00303CNAD30 FGG0B302CYCD52Z FRT0025050 L1318RED L1752J LMP01VT28F01 LMR01VT20F04 LMR01VT22F01 LMR01VT28F01 T422D TBR01101P TBR07100P TBR07101P TBR07101V TBR07102V TBR07110P TBR07111P TBR07111V TBR12100P TBR12101P TBR12101V TBR12111P TBR12111V TC100 TD200 TFR12214 TFR24101P TFR24101V TFR24111P TFR24111V THL07105 THL07115 THL12105 THL12115 THL24105 TIE100 TKH07100 TKH07110 TKH12100 TKH12110 TKH24100 TKH24110 TKP24100 TKP24101 TKP24102 TKP24110 TKR24101P TKR24110P TKR24111P TNP07100 TNP07101 TNP07103 TNP07105 TNP07110 TNP07111 TNP12100 TNP12100V TNP12101 TNP12102TS100AU TNP12103 TNP12103P TNP12110 TNP12111 TNP12115 TNP12204 TNP12206 TNP24101 TNR07101P TNR07101V TNR07111P TNR07111V TNR12101P TNR12101V TNR12111P TNR12111V TP100AU TP100T TPM3R32T21P00 TPM3R64B21P00 TPS07102 TPS07112 TPS12102 TPS12112 TPS24102 TPW07103 TPW07113 TPW12103 TPW12113 TS100AU TS100T TSR07201 TSR07202 TSR07203 TSR07211 TSR07212 TSR07213 TSR12204 TSR12205 TSR12206 TSR12214 TSR12215 TSR12216 VFP1VN24B1C VFP1VN24C1A VFP1VN24C1B VFP1VN24C1C VFP1VN24C1H VFP1VN24E1A VFP1VN36B1C VFP1VN36C1A VFP1VN36C1B VFP1VN36C1C VFP1VN36E1A VFP1VN50A1A VFP1VN50B1A VFP1VN50B1B VFP1VN50B1C VFP1VN50B1D VFP1VN50B1H VFP1VN50C1A VFP1VN50C1B VFP1VN50C1C VFP1VN50C1D VFP1VN50E1A VFP1VN50F1G VFP1VN64C1A VFP1VN64C1C VFP1VN64C1H VFP1VN64E1A VFP2VN24C1F VFP2VN50C1A VFP2VN50C1B VFP2VN50C1C VFP2VN50C1D VFP2VN50E1A VFP4VN50D1E VFR1VN24C1A VFR1VN24C1B VFR1VN24C1C VFR1VN24E1A VFR1VN36C1A VFR1VN36C1B VFR1VN36C1C VFR1VN36E1A VFR1VN50A1A VFR1VN50B1A VFR1VN50B1B VFR1VN50C1A VFR1VN50C1B VFR1VN50C1C VFR1VN50C1D VFR1VN50C1F VFR1VN50E1A VFR1VN64C1A VFR1VN64C1B VFR1VN64C1C VFR1VN64E1A VFR2VN50A1A VFR2VN50B1C VFR2VN50C1A VFR2VN50C1B VFR2VN50C1C VFR2VN50C1D VFR2VN50E1A VFR2VN50E1B VFR4VN50D1E VFR5VN50D1E VFR5VN50K1E VFR5VT50K1E VMA2D017A01B000N VMA2D026B05B000P VMA2D037N05B023P VMA2D039B09B010P VMA2D090B040P VMA2T014A01B114P VMA2T014B01B114P VMA2T024F01B000N VMA2T025C05B000P VMA2W024F01B000N VMA2W080A05B002P VMA30037N05B023P VMA3D037N05B023P VMA3T79N09B000N VP44CE15 VP44CS15 VP74CE15 VP74CE6 VR44AB13 VR74AB13 VSP01VH18A01 VSP01VT18A01 VSP01VT22A01 VSP01VTM18A01 VSR01VH18A01 VSR01VT18A01 VSR01VT22A01