Tajimi Connectors Part Numbers

Tajimi TMW Connectors logoBelow you will find part numbers for the Tajimi R04, R28 and PRC series of circular connectors that we have in stock. All Tajimi connectors feature a wide operating temperature range. These are high performance, miniature metal circular connectors which find wide application in instrumentation and test applications. The R04 and R28 series are waterproof circular connectors (to 20 metres) while the PRC series are push-pull locking ball bearing coupling circular connectors. 

If you found the part number that you were looking for please contact us and we will send you a quotation.

110823A105F 110832A105F105 110832B102AF83 PRC0312A102AF105 PRC0312A102AM105 PRC0312A103AF105 PRC0312A104F PRC0312A104F105 PRC0312A104M105 PRC0312A105F105 PRC0312A105M105 PRC0312A107F105 PRC0312A107M105 PRC0321A102AF PRC0321A104F PRC0321A104M PRC0321A107F PRC0321A107M PRC0332A104F105 PRC0332A104M105 PRC0332A107AF PRC0332A107M105 PRC0412A1614F125 PRC0412A1614M105 PRC0412A1614M125 PRC0412A20S19M14 PRC0421A1614F PRC0432A1614F125 PRC053RM PRC056RC PRC059RC PRC05J12F PRC05J2M PRC05J3F PRC05J3M PRC05J5F PRC05J5M PRC05J6F PRC05J8F PRC05J8M PRC05P12F PRC05P12M PRC05P2F PRC05P2M PRC05P3F PRC05P3M PRC05P5F PRC05P5M PRC05P6F PRC05P6M PRC05P8F PRC05P8M PRC05R12M PRC05R2F PRC05R2M PRC05R3F PRC05R3M PRC05R5F PRC05R5M PRC05R6F PRC05R8F PRC05R8M PRC05RB3F PRC05RB3M PRC05RB5F PRC05RB5M PRC05RB8F PRC05RB8M PRC07J12F PRC07J12M PRC07J8F PRC07J8M PRC07P12F PRC07P12M PRC07P8F PRC07P8M PRC07R12F PRC07R12M PRC07R8F PRC07R8M PRC07RB12F PRC07RB12M PRC07RB8F PRC07RB8M R0101P98M R0106J98F R03JB3F R03JB5F R03P3F R03PB6M R03PB8M R03R6F R03R8F R03RB6F R04CR3 R04CR6 R04J3F R04J3M R04J5F R04J5M R04J8F R04J8M63 R04J8M68 R04P12F R04P12F85 R04P12M R04P2F R04P2M R04P3F R04P3M R04P5F R04P5M R04P6M R04P6M63 R04P6M68 R04P8F R04P8F73 R04P8M R04P8M73 R04R12F R04R12M R04R2F R04R3F R04R3M R04R5F R04R5M R04R6F R04R8F R04R8M R05JB2M R05JB8M R05PB2F R05PB5F R05PB5M R05R2F R05R2M R05R5F R05R8M R05RB8M R07P55FA1351 R07P55MA1351 R28J12F R28J12M R28J8F R28J8M R28P12F R28P12M R28P8F R28P8M R28R12F R28R12M R28R8F R28R8M RC09P1N1280R1 RC09P1N1283NN RC09S1N126300