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Souriau 8D/D38999 Series III Double Flange

This Souriau 8D/MIL-DTL-38999 double flange connector solution for PCB mount is designed for printed circuit board applications in harsh environments, decoupling vibration from the board.

  • High level vibration resistance in harsh environments 
  • Offers the same level of performance as the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connector 
  • No risk of breaking contacts 
  • No risk of micro-cuts 
  • Allow direct grounding from PCB to the flange 
  • PC tails contacts without shoulder: #16, #20 and #22 
  • Resin sealed version available

Souriau 8D/38999 Series III Integrated Backshell

This 8D/MIL-DTL-38999 connector and embedded backshell combination compatible with VG95343 and MIL-I-81765 heat shrink boots.

  • Derived from standard Souriau MIL-DTL-38999 Series III 
  • Plug in 9 sizes (from size 09 to 25) 
  • Black zinc nickel RoHS plating, a robust QPL 500 hours finish backward compatible with cadmium receptacle. 
  • Standard cadmium and nickel plating available

Souriau 8D/38999 Receptacle with Clinch Nuts or Helicoils

Designed for severe applications, this 8D/38999 receptacle is secured with four self-locking clinch nuts or helicoils instead of the normal screws, washers and nuts. 

  • Square flange receptacle with 4 clinch nuts or 4 helicoils 
  • Rear mounting 
  • Easy to install, time saving 
  • Equivalent MIL level qualification as 38999 Series III 

Souriau 8LT/8ST/8D Series with Reinforced Sealing

This connector is resin sealed for applications in harsh environments. According to Eaton, it provides up to 1000 times the sealing capability of standard versions. 

  • Reinforced sealed receptacle with male or female straight PC tail contacts 
  • Strong sealing performance: 10-7 atm.cm3 /s 
  • Designed for unpressurized areas 
  • 125°C max (operational temperature) 
  • 100 % scoop proof 
  • Full RoHS solution 
  • High density connectors 
  • Weight saving compared to hermetic version

Souriau 8D / 38999 Series III with HF/BMA Coaxial Contacts

A robust and powerful coaxial High Frequency transmission (BMA) connector available in any size 8 Souriau 8D38999 Series III insert.

  • Quick screw coupling D38999 connector 
  • Shell available in aluminum, composite, stainless steel, titanium and bronze 
  • 16 layouts available with coaxial contact 
  • High Frequency coaxial contact: DC 18GHz 
  • Qualified coaxial contact according to MIL-STD-348A/321 
  • Removable coaxial contact 
  • Contacts delivered with boots

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