Radiall MMBX, QMA, QN, BNC HT/SHV, TNC, SSMA, N Connectors
We continue to hold stocks of popular Radiall RF connectors that are used across many applications in military, aerospace, communications, industrial and medical systems. Radiall has many years experience in RF connectivity and is well known for the quality and performance of its products.
  • MMBX - board-to-board connectors, impedance 50Ω, frequency up to 12.5GHz
  • QMA - quick connection, snap-on connectors, imped. 50Ω, frequency up to 18GHz
  • QN - quick lock N connectors, impedance 50Ω, frequency up to 11GHz
  • BNC HT/SHV - bayonet lock connectors
  • TNC - screw-on connectors (11GHz)
  • SSMA - screw-on connectors (18GHz)
  • N - screw-on connectors (11GHz)
  • Coaxial terminations and attenuators

RF and Microwave cable assemblies catalogue

High Voltage, Non-Magnetic connectors

Adapters series R191/R192

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