Allied RJ45 VG95234 Circular Connectors MIL-DTL-5015 IP67

This is an RJ45 connector system manufactured by the Allied Electronics Corporation, more widely known as Allied Connectors and a specialist manufacturer of multipin connectors for military and other high-performance applications. 

This RJ45 connector system meets the requirements of VG95234 and, in our opinion, is a cost effective alternative to D38999 versions and more rugged than those designed to meet MIL-DTL-26482

The connector system is designed to be used with shielded Cat6A cables and features internal grounding. The shell is made from Aluminium Alloy with Nickel plating as standard. Other finishes and backshell types are available on request. 

Allied Connectors has designed these connectors for users with applications where totally reliable Ethernet communications are needed in harsh environments. As a result, the connector system is secure, resistant to water ingress and vibration and can handle so-called “pulling” on the cable in applications including outdoor military communications, process control and automation.. 

The RJ45 connector system comprises a panel mount receptacle designed to allow two female Ethernet sockets to be mounted back-to-back so that an RJ45 male connector can be mated on either side. On the outer side of the panel the connector mates with the plug connector that houses a male RJ45 connector. When mated, the system provides protection to IP67.

•    Meets the requirements of VG95234
•    RJ45 connection either side of the panel
•    IP67 protection
•    More rugged than MIL-DTL-26482
•    Lower cost than D38999 alternatives
•    Aluminium Alloy Shell
•    Nickel Plated as standard – other finishes on request
•    Choice of backshells on request


RJ45 VG98235 Free Connector - Datasheet

RJ45 VG98235 Fixed Connector - Datasheet

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