Lemo F Series Push-Pull Circular Connectors for Motorsport and Military applications

The LEMO F series are very small and lightweight connectors with a compact push-pull coupling mechanism that were originally designed for motorsports ECUs, sensors, fuel pumps, batteries and communications.  The high performance properties, small sizes and reliable quick-connect and disconnect mean they are also suitable for a number of different applications where space, weight and reliability are important, while still needing 360 degree shielding.

  • Push-Pull self-latching
  • IP67 
  • Multipole 2 to 68 contacts
  • Multi or mixed contacts including mixed layouts and fibre optic contacts
  • 8 sizes
  • 4 keying options
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Over 12 shell styles
  • Temp. range -50°C to 200°C
  • Shielded
  • Crimp or print contacts
  • High vibration resistance
  • High shock resistance
  • Dark finish



Lemo F Series Motorsport / Military Connectors Catalogue

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