Cinch / Fibreco Senior Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connectors
Fibreco Senior expanded beam connectors are available with one to eight multimode or singlemode fibre optic contacts, and a range of fibre optic/copper hybrid variants. They have been designed for use in the most demanding harsh environment applications including military tactical communications, outside broadcast, petrochemical plant, mining, and offshore systems.The connector features a fully sealed hermaphroditic construction and is field terminable and repairable using standard fibre optic termination equipment. The Fibreco Senior connectors are available in a range of shell materials including aluminum, nickel aluminum bronze and stainless steel. 
  • 1 to 8 optical contacts
  • Insertion loss: multimode < -1.0dB / singlemode < -1.5dB
  • Return loss: >32dB
  • Fiber optic / electrical hybrid variants
  • Field terminable / repairable
  • Singlemode or multimode
  • Aluminum (black hard anodized), stainless steel or nickel aluminum bronze shell options
  • Intermateable with Tyco Pro-Beam® Junior and Stratos HMA/HsMA, 2 and 4 channel connectors

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