FIBRECO / CINCH Mini Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connectors
The Fibreco Mini is the smallest multichannel hermaphroditic tactical expanded beam connector available, with a length of 87.5mm including boot and a diameter of just 21mm. It is compatible with standard MIL-TAC cable and fully field terminable and repairable using standard termination tools. They Fibreco Mini system has been designed for use in the most demanding harsh environment applications including military tactical communications, outside broadcast,  etrochemical plant, mining and offshore systems. The Fibreco Mini connector has an aluminum shell with over-moulded stainless steel grip. Bulkhead connectors are available with jam-nut, square flange and XLR mounting and strain-relief for zip-cord or tactical cable. 
  • 1 to 4 optical contacts
  • Insertion loss: multimode < -1.0dB / singlemode < -1.5dB
  • Return loss: >32dB
  • Mini 1: (M16 thread) compatible with singlemode Stratos HMC connectors
  • Mini 2: (TR17 thread - most common) compatible with Tyco Pro-Beam® Mini, Telecast MX connectors, and QPC QMICRO connectors
  • Mini 3: (no pin alignment) compatible with multimode Stratos HMC connectors
  • Field terminable / repairable
  • Options: low profile and reversed

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