ITW McMurdo Medium Power Connectors for Line to Panel Applications (Plessey 159 Series)
We are committed to supplying the widest range of connector products including specialist devices like the 700 Series from ITWMcMurdo Connectors. Originally designed for use in many types of telephone equipment, the 700 Series is approved by BT as equivalent to Styles 202 and 203 and is also equivalent to the Plessey 159 Series. These are used as solder tail plugs and sockets for line to panel applications although a PC tail is also available.
  • Approved by BT against styles 202 & 203
  • 11 sizes
  • All sizes are fitted with polarizing facilities in the end cavity
  • Equivalent  to Plessey 159 series
  • As an alternative termination style a PC tail is also available for sockets fitted with mounting brackets
  • Originally used in a wide range of telephone equipment

ITWMcMurdo Connectors 700 Series connector part numbers


700 series catalogue

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