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HUBER+SUHNER Coaxial Cable Part Numbers

RF Coaxial Cables Huber+Suhner Enviroflex and Spuma - banner.jpg

Part Number List

12545286 12555875 12555879 12555881 12555885 12559014 12560866 12568935 12582058 12586062 85011404 98004643 04-4G62/W(ZNG)H-G85 08-8G62/W(ZNG)H-G85 11N-75-3-4/133NE 12-12E9/W(ZNG)H-G85 12-12G62/W(ZNG)H-G85 21-12G62/W(ZNG)YAY-D125 24-12G62/W(ZNG)H-G94 4412A120-0 H+S 4412A120-2 H+S EF316D EF316D01 ENVIROFLEX 142 ENVIROFLEX 178 ENVIROFLEX 179 ENVIROFLEX 179-01 ENVIROFLEX 316 ENVIROFLEX 393 ENVIROFLEX 400 EZ_141_CU_TP_2M EZ_34_TP_M17_COIL EZ_47_M17_2M EZ141/M17 EZ141/M17 COIL EZ141-AL/M17 EZ141-CU EZ141-CU-TP EZ141-TP/M17 EZ250/M17 EZ250-AL-TP EZ250-TP-M17 EZ34 EZ47/CU EZ47/M17 EZ47/M17 COIL EZ47CU EZ47TP/M17 EZ47TP/M17 EZ86/M17 EZ86AL-TP/M17 EZ86AL-TP/M17 EZ86-CU-M17 EZ86-CU-TP/M17 EZ86-TP/M17 F6N15N15D500 FB4D10P13D600 FB4D10P62D600 G_01130_HT-12 G_03232 G_03362-01 G_04273_D02 G01130HT G01130-HT03 G01132-06 G01330-HT23 G01330HT24 G02212D-02 G02223 G02232 G02232-01 G02232-D G02233 G02233-01 G02262 G02330HT G02332 G03110-HT-5 G03130-HT G03130-HT-01 G03160HG G03232D-01 G03233 G03233-D G03262D G03330HT11 G03332 G04233-D G04233D01 G04233HT/01 G04263-03 G05232 G05730 G07262D G09112DX GO2333 GX02272 GX03272 GX03272-04 GX03272-D06 GX-04273-12 GX07272 GX07272D K01152-07 K01252D K02252-D K02252D08 K02252D-60 K02253D-02 K03252-D K07252 MF141 MINIBEND-11 MINIBEND-2.5 MINIBEND-4 MULTIFLEX 86 RADOX_RF_179 RADOX_RF_316_D RADOX_RF_400 RG 316/U RG 316/U-01 RG 316/U12 RG_108_A/U RG108AU RG12/AU RG142 B/U RG174/AU RG174/U RG178 B/U RG179B/U RG180B/U RG187A/U RG188 AU-60 RG188A/U RG195AU RG196AU RG212U RG213U RG214 HIFLEX RG214/U70 RG214U RG216/U RG217/U RG223/U RG223/U-02 RG302/U RG303/U RG393/U RG400U RG404/U RG58C/U RG58C/U 01 RG59B/U RG62 B/U RG63 B/U S_02112D S_04162_B-50 S_10162_B11 S02132 S03232-01 S03739-01 S04212B S04233 S04262B01 S04262D03 S04272B S07262BD S07272-B--05 S101 72B/11 S12272-4 SM 86 FEP SM141 SM141PE SM250-01 SPUMA 400 SPUMA 400 FR SPUMA 400-FR 01 SPUMA 600 SPUMA_240-FR-01 SUCOFEED 1/2 FR SUCOFEED 1/2 FR SUCOFEED 1-5/8" SUCOFEED 7/8 HF SUCOFORM 141 SUCOFORM 141 CU FEP SUCOFORM 141 CU LSFH-01 SUCOFORM 141 FEP SUCOFORM 141-CU SUCOFORM 141-CUPE SUCOFORM 47-CU SUCOFORM 86 SUCOFORM 86 LSFH SUCOFORM 86 PE SX-04172-B-60