Nicomatic Connectors Part Numbers

Nicomatic Connectors logoNicomatic produce a number of different connectors, specialising in miniaturized rectangular connectors and high density solutions for harsh environments, all of which we stock. Ranges that we stock include Nicomatic’s CMM series of 2mm pitch connectors, the DMM Series MICRO D-Mix connectors that meet MIL-DTL-83513G, and Nicomatic’s CRIMPFLEX® mass termination connector system.

CMM Series connectors are suitable for Board-to-Board, Board-to-Wire and Wire-to- Wire configurations and feature a high reliability contact design capable of high performance under harsh conditions. They also offer full traceability to EN9100:2003.

The space saving Nicomatic DMM Series MICRO D-Mix meets MIL-DTL-83513G and is designed for cable and PCB applications. These Nicomatic D Subs feature a 2mm pitch in one to four rows and in shell sizes capable of holding 2 to 120 contacts.

Nicomatic’s CRIMPFLEX® connector system is ideal for use in many industrial & automation fields such as membrane switches, automotive, touchscreens & display technology.

Below you will find a list of all the Nicomatic part numbers that we stock. If you found the part number that you were looking for please contact us and we will send you a quotation.

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Nicomatic Connectors Part Numbers

12368 12479 12960 12969 13218 14841 16139 223310 224310 254002 304315 1241011 1241031 1299717 1299731 1414311 1414325 1414327 1414331 1415015 1450107 1450109 1450111 1450113 1450115 1450117 1450121 1450123 1450125 1450127 1450129 1450143 1467110 1467210 1467212 1606812 050P320K03004064 101R03L 101R04LS 101R08LS 101R10LS 101V02L 101V04L 101V10L 101Y02 101Y03L 101Y04L 101Y08L 102C03 102S02 102S04 102S08 102S10 127PW10D0100S1F1 16068MO 1L10111071 1L10141061 1L10141071 1L10211101 1L10241061 1L10241101 1L1024M121 1L105Y1111P 1L14 1SM04 1SM05 1SM08 1Y10111181 1Y10241041 201C12 201C20 201R04 201R04L 201R18L 201R26 201S12 201S20 201S26L 201T06 201T06L 201T20 201T26LS 201V16L 201V18L 201V26L 201Y04L 201Y08L 201Y10L 201Y14 201Y20 201YL04L 201YL26L 202C06 202S04 202S08 202S12 202S16 202S18 202S26 202T12 202T20 202Y08 202Y14 202Y16 202Y18 220CXM0T03F2111+ 220CXM0T03F2133+ 220CXM0T03F21336 220CXM0T03F2144+ 220CXM0TF2144 220CXM26R03F2140 220CXM42R03F2102 220CXM42R03F2120 220M26Y03 220M42L03F26 221C04F60 221C06F21 221C06F210202332 221C06F24 221C10F28 221C12F22 221C12F28 221C18F21 221C20F21 221C26F21 221C26F28 221C42F28 221D00F230002340 221D00F230061400 221D00F260006340 221E00F260006 221R06F23 221R06F26 221R06F30 221R14F26 221R26F26 221S06F21 221S06F210101 221S06F23 221S06F24H 221S06M16 221S08F21 221S10F21 221S10F22 221S10F24 221S10F24H 221S10F24H030033 221S10F26 221S10F260300331 221S10M16 221S12F21 221S14F21 221S16F21 221S18F21 221S26F21 221S26F22 221S26F61 221S34FXX 221T06F21 221T10F21 221T10F22 221T14F21 221T16F22 221T18F22 221T34F22 221T42F22 221V00F2333 221V00F2344 221V06F23 221V06F230202 221V06F26 221V08F26 221V0F23331400CM 221V10F22 221V10F23 221V10F26 221V12F21 221V12F26 221V14F21 221V14F30 221V16F23 221V16F26 221V18F23 221V18F230103340 221V18F26 221V20F21 221V20F23 221V20F26 221V26F21 221V26F22 221V26F23 221V42F23 221V42F26 221VL06F26 221VL08F26 221VL10F26 221Y06F21 221Y06F210202 221Y06F210202330 221Y06F220101 221Y0F21221300CM 221Y0F22331300CM 221Y10F21 221Y10F22 221Y10F22H 221Y10F24H 221Y12F22 221Y14F21 221Y14F22 221Y18F21 221Y18F22 221Y20F21 221Y20F22 221Y20F24 221Y26F21 221Y26F210400330 221Y26F22 221Y28F220101130 221Y30F22H 221Y32F21 221Y34F21 221Y34F22 221Y42F21 221Y42F210002330 221Y42F210200330 221Y42F22 221Y50F22 221Y50F24 221Y52F22 221Y52FXX 221Y54F22 221Y6F21 221Y6F22 221YL06F21020233 221YL06FXX 221YL10F21BP 221YL10F24 221YL10F24BP 221YL10FXX 221YL18F21 221YL20FXX 221YL26F21 221YL26F21040033 221YL26FXX 221YL34F21 221YL42F21020033 221YL42F21BP 221YL50F24 221YL6F21 22216YM11 222C06M11 222C06M110202 222C06M110202432 222C10M11 222C10M16 222C12M16 222C14M11 222C18M11 222C18M111 222C20M11 222C26M11 222C26M16 222C34M16 222C42M16 222CO8M160200432 222E00M110002 222E00M110003 222E00M110004 222E00M110004241 222E00M110006 222E00M110006431 222E00M110008 222E00M110012 222E00M160002432 222E00M160003432 222PF10M16 222S06M11 222S06M110101 222S06M16 222S08M11 222S08M16 222S10M11 222S10M110202 222S10M110404 222S10M16 222S10M160201 222S10M160300431 222S10MXX 222S12M11 222S12M16 222S14M11 222S16M11 222S16M16 222S18M11 222S18M16 222S18M160001232 222S20M11 222S20M16 222S22M16 222S26M11 222S26M16 222S34M11 222S34M16 222S42M11 222S42M16 222S50M11 222SG10M11LF 222T04M16 222T06F21 222T10F21 222T14M16 222T20MXX 222T26MXX 222Y06C14593 222Y06M11 222Y06M110202430 222Y06M11111000 222Y06M16 222Y08M16 222Y10M11 222Y10M12H 222Y14F21 222Y14M11 222Y14M12 222Y18M11 222Y18MXX 222Y20M11 222Y26M11 222Y26M11404300C 222Y28M120200430 222Y28M160101230 222Y30M11 222Y30M12H 222Y32F21 222Y34M11 222Y36M12H 222Y42M11 222Y42M110002430 222Y42M110200430 222Y50M16 222Y52M16 222Y52MXX 222Y54M16 222Y6M11102300CM 222YL06MXX 222YL10M11 222YL10MXX 222YL14M11 222YL18M11 222YL18M12L01034 222YL20MXX 222YL22M12LH 222YL26M11 222YL26MXX 222YL6M11 254PW06E0447F1HS 2SL05 2SL11 301V51FXX 302326SS 30-3310 30C13064 321C45F45 321S006F41 321S015F41 321S036F41 321S039M45 321V039F51 321V51FXX 321Y006F42 321Y015F42 321Y036F42 321Y042F42 321Y051F42 321Y51F44M 321Y51M32 322S006H01 322S015H01 322S036H01 322V063F51 322V096F51 322Y036H01 322Y042H01 322Y051H01 322YL27F41M 322YL78F41M 341D000F44000633 341E000F41001633 341E000H01001633 341S006F41040033 341S021F41040033 341V021F51040034 341Y006F42040033 342D000F51001644 342S006H01000423 342S006H01040043 342S021H01040043 A45391073 C12000B C12468 C12468B C12478 C12935 C13064P C1353927 C13997 C14258 C14367 C14790 C14925 C16461 C17566 C18074 CF2540601 CMM201T30L CMM201VL08L CMM201YL08L CMM202C08 CMMC20 CMMC225 CMMC33300UP CS3621 D221CP10D55D D221CP16D55D D221SP04D64L D221VL32D52L D222CP10D53 D222CP16D53 D222SP04D63 D222SP32D53 F221 F226 FH210 K778 M0J12 M223 M225 MH210 MH800 MP6811 TN64L17021