We are Souriau’s First and Only Value Added Distributor for D38999 HD Connector Systems

Posted: 04/04/2019

We are extremely proud to have become Souriau’s first distributor approved to assemble its industry leading D38999 High Density (HD) connector system.

Weald Electronics Connects with Leonardo – More Than 260 Connector Lines Approved To Date

Posted: 26/03/2019

We are proud that Leonardo has approved so many of our connectors and connector accessories for use across its production sites in the United Kingdom.

Welcoming Nick Wheeler, our new Sales Director

Posted: 25/03/2019

We would like to introduce you all to Nick Wheeler, our new Sales Director.

We are Souriau’s First and Only Value Added Distributor for 8STA and D38999 High Density Connector Systems

Posted: 22/03/2019

Lane Electronics has become Souriau’s first distributor approved to assemble the 8STA and D38999 High Density connector systems.

Nicomatic's CRIMPFLEX, High Performance Crimp Connection System Available from Lane Electronics

Posted: 18/03/2019

Produced by Nicomatic, CRIMPFLEX is a connector system for situations where fast and highly reliable flat cable and flexible circuit connections are required. It's a mass termination crimp connector system comprising housings and related mating-halves, contacts, discrete wire to flat connection options and crimping equipment.

A Broad Range of D-Subminiature Connectors, with Multiple Applications, Now Available

Posted: 12/03/2019

We have now made available several ranges of D-Subminiature connectors suitable for wide variety of applications. Manufactured by Positronic, the ranges include both standard and high density models as well as versions that are environmentally sealed to IP67 and a solution for those that need to terminate fibre optic cables in a D-Sub format. 

Lane Motorsport Have Made Available Souriau Size 01 8STA Connectors and Accessories Capable of Significantly Reducing Weight, Space and Assembly Time

Posted: 22/02/2019

Lane Motorsport, our division devoted to electrical connectors for motorsport, has made available Souriau’s tiny size 01 8STA circular connector series, matching it with a range of ultra-light size 01-compatible accessories.

High Density, High Performance Souriau Circular Connectors Available from Lane Electronics

Posted: 07/02/2019

As a Souriau-approved assembler, Lane are able to provide a wide variety of high density circular connectors, with many meeting the requirements of the MIL-DTL-38999 standard, and others being derived from that standard. In particular, we have available Souriau’s standard high density 8D/38999 connectors and their 8STA range which is widely used throughout all forms of motorsport and other applications where space, weight and environmental protection are crucial.

Rugged RJ45 Connector System For Harsh Environments From Lane Electronics

Posted: 28/01/2019

We are very happy to announce a rugged new RJ45 connector system designed to satisfy those applications where totally reliable Ethernet communications are needed in harsh environments.

Order High Performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA Cables by the Metre with No Minimum Order Quantity

Posted: 23/01/2019

We can now provide HUBER+SUHNER’s industry leading high performance RF Enviroflex and SPUMA coaxial cables in any length from just a metre and with no minimum order quantity (MOQ).