EATON Souriau logo 2021 horizontalSOURIAU’s micro38999 circular military connectors - which includes three couplings: threaded coupling (8DA range), break away (8BA range) and bayonet (8LTA range) - have been developed for the most demanding environments and offer size and weight savings of as much as 50% compared to regular MIL-DTL-38999 Series III units.

Below is a list of part numbers for the Souriau range of micro38999 circular connectors. These micro38999 connectors satisfy the increasing demand for more compact, lighter connection solutions for military, aerospace and industrial applications. They offer the best possible performance from the most compact models currently available.

The new connectors have removable crimp contacts which allow them to be wired or unwired on-site. Up to 26 contacts can be accommodated in a choice of 5 layouts. The micro38999 circular connectors are available in three different fastening systems – screw fastening (8DA), bayonet coupling (8LTA) and push-pull (8BA) and can withstand vibration levels of up 44Grms at a temperature of 125ºC for up to 8 hours.

Lane Electronics has available product in the classic Cadmium, Zinc Cobalt and Electroless Nickel finishes although the connectors can be supplied with non-reflective black zinc nickel protection to satisfy the latest RoHS directives.

If you found the part number that you were looking for please contact us and we will send you a quotation.

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8DA0001A13 8DA0001A35 8DA0007A13 8DA0007A35 8DA0013A13 8DA0013A35 8DA0019A13 8DA0019A35 8DA0020A35 8DA003F05SN 8DA003F35PN 8DA003W05PN 8DA003W35PN 8DA003Z05PN 8DA003Z05SN 8DA003Z35PN 8DA003Z35SN 8DA0049A13 8DA0049A35 8DA0055A13 8DA0055A35 8DA005F06PN 8DA005F06SN 8DA005Z06PN 8DA005Z06PNL 8DA005Z06SN 8DA005Z35PN 8DA005Z35SN 8DA0061A13 8DA0061A35 8DA0067A13 8DA0067A35 8DA0068A35 8DA0078AWD 8DA0078AZB 8DA0079AWD 8DA0079AZB 8DA007F09PA 8DA007F09PN 8DA007W09PN 8DA007W09SN 8DA007W35PN 8DA007W35SN 8DA007Z09PA 8DA007Z09PN 8DA007Z09SA 8DA007Z09SAL 8DA007Z09SN 8DA0080A13 8DA0080A35 8DA0086A13 8DA0086A35 8DA0092A13 8DA0092A35 8DA0098A13 8DA0098A35 8DA0099A35 8DA0104AWD 8DA0104AZB 8DA0295A 8DA0G03 8DA0G05 8DA0G07 8DA103F35SN 8DA103Z35PN 8DA103Z35SN 8DA105F35SN 8DA105W35PN 8DA105Z35SN 8DA107F09PA 8DA107F09PN 8DA107F09SA 8DA107F09SN 8DA107W35PN 8DA107Z09SN 8DA107Z35PN 8DA505F06PN 8DA505F06SN 8DA505F35PN 8DA505F35SN 8DA505W35SN 8DA505Z06PN 8DA505Z06SN 8DA505Z06SNL 8DA505Z35PN 8DA505Z35SN 8DA507F09PA 8DA507F09PN 8DA507F09SN 8DA507F35PN 8DA507F35SA 8DA507W09PN 8DA507W35PN 8DA507W35SN 8DA507Z09PA 8DA507Z09PAL 8DA507Z09PN 8DA507Z09PNL 8DA507Z09SA 8DA507Z09SN 8DA507Z35PN 8DA507Z35SN 8DA515Z35PN 8DA515Z35SN 8DA603F05PN 8DA603F05SN 8DA603F35SN 8DA603W05SN 8DA603W35PN 8DA603W35SN 8DA603Z05PN 8DA603Z05SN 8DA603Z35PN 8DA603Z35SN 8DA703Z05SN 8DA703Z35SN 8DA705F06PN 8DA705F06SN 8DA705F35PN 8DA705F35SA 8DA705F35SN 8DA705W06SN 8DA705W35PA 8DA705W35PN 8DA705Z06PN 8DA705Z06SN 8DA705Z35PN 8DA705Z35SN 8DA707F09PN 8DA707F35PA 8DA707F35PN 8DA707F35SN 8DA707W09PN 8DA707W09SN 8DA707Z09PN 8DA707Z09SA 8DA707Z09SN 8DA707Z35SA 8DA707Z35SN 8DA707Z35SNL 8DA97C07Z09PN 8DAB01A21W 8DAB02A09FS 8DAB02A11Z 8DAB02A13F 8DAB02A15FS 8DAB02A15Z 8DAB02A17F 8DAB02A17Z 8DAB02A19F 8DAB02A19Z 8DAB02A21FS 8DAB02A23W 8DAB02A23WS 8DAB02A23Z 8DAB02A23ZS 8DAB02A25Z 8DAB03A09F 8DAB03A13Z 8DAB03A17A 8DAB03A23A 8DAB04A11W 8DAB04A17W 8DAB04A19W 8DAB04A21W 8DAB04A23W 8DAB05A09FS03 8DAB05A09WS03 8DAB05A09ZS03 8DAB05A11ZS03 8DAB05A13FS03 8DAB05A13FS05 8DAB05A13WS02 8DAB05A13ZS02 8DAB05A15WS02 8DAB05A17FS02 8DAB05A17FS03 8DAB05A17WS02 8DAB05A17ZS02 8DAB05A19FS02 8DAB05A19FS03 8DAB05A19WS02 8DAB05A19ZS02 8DAB05A19ZS03 8DAB05A21FS03 8DAB05A21ZS02 8DAB05A23FS03 8DAB05A23ZS03 8DAB05A25FS03 8DAB05A25ZS03 8DABE1AF11W 8DABE1AF11Z 8DABE1AF13F 8DABE2AF09W01 8DABE2AF11A 8DABE2AF11F 8DABE2AF11W 8DABE2AF11W01 8DABE2AF11Z 8DABE2AF13B 8DABE2AF13F 8DABE2AF19W 8DABE2AF19Z 8DABE3AF11F01 8DABE3AF11W00 8DABE3AF11Z01 8DAC0N09Z 8DAC0N11Z 8DAC0N13W 8DAC0N13Z 8DAC0N15W 8DAC0N15Z 8DAC0R13Z 8DAC0R15F 8DAC0R15W 8DAC0R15Z 8DAC0R19Z 8DAC32Z05N 8DAC32Z05R 8DAC32Z07N 8DAC32Z07R 8DAC33Z05R 8DAC33Z07R 8DAC5N09W 8DAC5N11Z 8DAC5N13W 8DAC5N15W 8DAC5R15Z

8BA0013B35 8BA0019C35 8BA0025B11 8BA0025B13 8BA0025B35 8BA0031B11 8BA0031B13 8BA0031B35 8BA0037B13 8BA0037B35 8BA0043C13 8BA0043C35 8BA0076B11 8BA0076B13 8BA0076B35 8BA0082B11 8BA0082B13 8BA0082B35 8BA0088B13 8BA0088B35 8BA0094C13 8BA0094C35 8BA103Z05SN 8BA105Z06SN 8BA107Z09PN 8BA107Z09SN 8BA603F05PN 8BA603F35PN 8BA603W05PN 8BA603W35PN 8BA603Z05PN 8BA603Z35PN 8BA603Z35SN 8BA605F06PN 8BA605F35SN 8BA605Z06PN 8BA605Z35PN 8BA605Z35SN 8BA607Z09AN 8BA607Z09PN 8BA607Z09SN 8BA607Z35PN 8BA607Z35SN 8BA703F35SN 8BA703W05SN 8BA703W35SN 8BA703Z05PN 8BA703Z35SN 8BA705F06SN 8BA705F35PN 8BA705Z06SN 8BA705Z35PN 8BA705Z35SN 8BA707F09SN 8BA707F35SN 8BA707W09SN 8BA707Z09SN 8BA707Z35PN 8BA707Z35SN

8LTA003F35SN 8LTA003Z35PN 8LTA0057A35 8LTA0058A35 8LTA005Z06SA 8LTA005Z06SN 8LTA0064A35 8LTA0065A35 8LTA0071A35 8LTA0072A35 8LTA0078A35 8LTA0079A35 8LTA007W09SN 8LTA007Z09PN 8LTA007Z35PN 8LTA0099A35 8LTA0106A13 8LTA0141A35 8LTA0142A35 8LTA0148A35 8LTA0149A35 8LTA0155A35 8LTA0156A35 8LTA0162A13 8LTA0162A35 8LTA0163A35 8LTA0190A35 8LTA0G03 8LTA103Z35PN 8LTA103Z35SN 8LTA105Z06SN 8LTA107W35PN 8LTA107Z09SN 8LTA203Z35PN 8LTA205Z06PN 8LTA207F09PC 8LTA207F35PN 8LTA207Z09PN 8LTA207Z09SN 8LTA2G03 8LTA3603Z35PN 8LTA603F35PN 8LTA603Z05SN 8LTA603Z35PN 8LTA603Z35SN 8LTA605Z06PA 8LTA605Z06PN 8LTA605Z06SN 8LTA607F35SN 8LTA607W09PA 8LTA607W09PB 8LTA607W09PC 8LTA607W09PD 8LTA607W09PN 8LTA607W35SN 8LTA607Z09PN 8LTA607Z09SN 8LTA607Z35SN 8LTA705Z06PNL 8LTA707Z09PNL 8LTA707Z09SN 8LTA707Z35PN 8LTA97C03Z05PN 8LTA97C05Z06PN 8LTA97C07Z09PN 8LTAC32Z05N 8LTAC32Z05R 8LTAC32Z07N 8LTAC32Z07R 8LTAC33Z05N 8LTAC33Z05R 8LTAC33Z07N