Below is a list of part numbers for the LMV mains voltage circular connector range from Weald Electronics. The LMV range is approved to IEQC-CECC spec BS/CECC 75201-004 which includes the safety Weald Electronics Connectors logorequirements of BS EN 60950 for safe use in mains applications and CE marked assemblies.

Featuring a brass shell, the LMV range can be supplied by Lane Electronics in various finishes and shell styles and the two available shell sizes are suitable for direct connection in mains applications. The shells are earthed and the connectors feature finger proof and leading earth contacts.

Maximum current capability is from 7.5 to 32A depending on size and available accessories suit multicore cable and multicore cable with inner collective screen. EMC 360º screen termination is also available. A RoHS compliant olive drab finish is available to order.

If you found the part number that you were looking for please contact us and we will send you a quotation.

For more information about LMV circular power connectors click here.


LMV 2105.1M3.F0 LMV 2106.1M3.M0 LMV 2154.1M3.F0 LMV 2154.1M3.F3 LMV 2154.1M3.M0 LMV 2154.21A3.M2 LMV 2154.21B3.M3 LMV 2154.21M3.F0-107 LMV 2154.21M3.M0 LMV 2154.22Y4.F4 LMV 2154.23M3.F0 LMV 2154.23M3.F2 LMV 2154.23M3.F3 LMV 2154.23M3.F4 LMV 2154.23M3.F5 LMV 2154.2H3.F0 LMV 2154.2H3.M0 LMV 2154.2H3.M3 LMV 2154.3M3.F0 LMV 2154.3M3.M0 LMV 2154.3Y3.F3 LMV 2154.3Y3.M3 LMV 2154.4M3.F0 LMV 2154.4M3.F3 LMV 2154.4M3.M0 LMV 2154.5M3.F0 LMV 2154.5M3.F3 LMV 2154.5M3.M3 LMV 2154.5Y3.F3 LMV 2154.5Y3.M3 LMV 2155.1F3.M0 LMV 2155.1M3.F0 LMV 2155.1M3.M0 LMV 2155.1M3.M0-107 LMV 2155.1M3.M3 LMV 2155.21M3.F0 LMV 2155.21M3.M0 LMV 2155.21M4.M0 LMV 2155.22M3.F0 LMV 2155.22Y4.M4 LMV 2155.23M3.F0 LMV 2155.23M3.M0 LMV 2155.23M3.M1 LMV 2155.23M3.M2 LMV 2155.23M3.M3 LMV 2155.23M3.M4 LMV 2155.23M3.M5 LMV 2155.28M3.M0 LMV 2155.28M3.M0.108 LMV 2155.3M3.F0 LMV 2155.3M3.M0 LMV 2155.3Y3.F3 LMV 2155.3Y3.M3 LMV 2155.4F3.M0 LMV 2155.4M3.F0 LMV 2155.4M3.M0 LMV 2155.4M3.M3 LMV 2155.5M3.F0 LMV 2155.5M3.F3 LMV 2155.5M3.M0 LMV 2155.5M3.M3 LMV 2155.5Y3.F3 LMV 2155.5Y3.M3 LMV 2156.1M3.F0 LMV 2156.1M3.M0 LMV 2156.21M3.F0 LMV 2156.21M3.M0 LMV 2156.22M4.M0 LMV 2156.5M3.F0 LMV 2156.5M3.F3 LMV 2156.5M3.M0 LMV 2156.5M3.M3 LMV 2157.1M3.F0 LMV 2157.1M3.F3 LMV 2157.1M3.M0 LMV 2157.21A3.F2 LMV 2157.21B3.F3 LMV 2157.21M3.F0 LMV 2157.21M3.M0 LMV 2157.21M4.F0 LMV 2157.21M4.M0 LMV 2157.21R3.M1 LMV 2157.21RB3.M4 LMV 2157.24M3.M0 LMV 2157.4M3.F0 LMV 2157.4M3.M0 LMV 2157.5M3.F0 LMV 2157.5M3.F3 LMV 2157.5M3.M0 LMV 2157.5M3.M3 LMV.2154.21M3.F0 LMV.2154.21M3.F1 LMV.2154.21M4.F0 LMV.2154.21M4.M0 LMV.2154.21R3.F1 LMV.2154.21RB3.F4 LMV.2154.22A4.M0 LMV.2154.22A4.M7 LMV.2154.22B3.F2 LMV.2154.22B3.M2 LMV.2154.22R4.F1 LMV.2154.22R4.F3 LMV.2154.22W4.F0 LMV.2154.22W4.F7 LMV.2154.23M3.F1 LMV.2154.24M3.F0 LMV.2154.24M3.M0 LMV.2154.28M3.F0 LMV.2155.22A3.F0 LMV.2155.22A4.F0 LMV.2155.22A4.F7 LMV.2155.22B3.F2 LMV.2155.22B3.M2 LMV.2155.22R4.M1 LMV.2155.22R4.M3 LMV.2155.22W3.M0 LMV.2155.22W4.M0 LMV.2155.22W4.M7 LMV/1/80280/B25 LMV21541M3F0106 LMV215421M3F0-105 LMV2154-22M3-F0 LMV2154-22M3-F5 LMV2154-22M3-M0 LMV2154-22M4-F0 LMV2154-22M4-M0 LMV2154-2M3-F0 LMV2154-2M3-M0 LMV2154-2M3-M3 LMV2155.22M3.M0 LMV2155-22M4-F0 LMV2155-22M4-M0 LMV2155-24M-3F0 LMV2155-24M-3M0 LMV2155-2F3-M0 LMV2155-2H3-F0 LMV2155-2H3-F3 LMV2155-2H3-M0 LMV2155-2M3-F0 LMV2155-2M3-F3 LMV2155-2M3-M0 LMV2156.22W4.M7 LMV2156-22M3-F0 LMV2156-22M3-M0 LMV2156-22M4-F0 LMV2156-2M3-F0 LMV2156-2M3-M0 LMV2157-22M3-F0 LMV2157-22M3-M0 LMV2157-22M4-M0 LMV2157-2M3-F0 LMV2157-2M3-M0

CECC75201004C0103FS01A1H CECC75201004C0103FS31A1H CECC75201004C0103MS01A1H CECC75201004C0203MS01A1H CECC75201004C0103FS01E1H CECC75201004C0103FS31E1H CECC75201004C0103MS31E1H CECC75201004A0103FS01A1H CECC75201004A0103MS01A1H CECC75201004A0103MS31A1H CECC75201004A0203FS01A1H CECC75201004A0203MS01A1H CECC75201004A0103FS01E1H CECC75201004A0103FS31E1H CECC75201004A0103MS01E1H CECC75201004A0103MS31E1H CECC75201004D0103FS01A1H CECC75201004D0103MS01A1H CECC75201004D0203FS01A1H CECC75201004D0203MS01A1H CECC75201004D0103FS01E1H CECC75201004D0103FS31E1H CECC75201004D0103MS01E1H CECC75201004D0103MS31E1H CECC75201004B0103FS01A1H CECC75201004B0103MS01A1H CECC75201004B0203FS01A1H CECC75201004B0203MS01A1H CECC75201004B0103FS01E1H CECC75201004B0103FS31E1H CECC75201004B0103MS01E1H CECC75201004B0103MS31E1H CECC75201004C0203FS01A1H CECC75201004C0203FS11A1H CECC75201004C0203FS01A1H CECC75201004C0203FS01B1H CECC75201004C0203FS51B1H CECC75201004C0203MS01B1H CECC75201004C0103FS01B1H CECC75201004C0103MS01B1H CECC75201004A0203MS01B1H CECC75201004A0103FS01B1H CECC75201004A0103FS01B1H CECC75201004A0103MS01B1H CECC75201004D0203FS01B1H CECC75201004D0203MS01B1H CECC75201004D0103FS01B1H CECC75201004D0103MS01B1H CECC75201004B0203FS01B1H CECC75201004B0203MS01B1H CECC75201004B0103FS01B1H CECC75201004B0103MS01B1H