Huber Suhner Connectors logoBelow is a list of part numbers for RF Cable Assemblies manufactured by Huber+Suhner specialising in RF and coaxial connector products. We offer high quality cable assemblies include flexible, armoured, semi-rigid and hand formable RF assemblies capable of working to 18GHz. 

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22648915 84007023 84148207 84149129 84153436 85072813 103100004199 103100004200 103100004201 103100004202 103100004203 09H02FGG-LB-E3/8A-2-3 103100004199/REV F 10426.5/2X11PC3.5-42/1 30BNC-1-50-21/133 3176-3110 3176-3112 3176-3114 3176-3116 3176-3210 58/2 x 11BNC/0.5 58/2 x 11BNC/1 59/2 x 11BNC/1 906028 -ISS 1 906029 -ISS 1 G03DA/2 x 11N/1000 G03DA/2 x 11SMA/1000 LISC12F-11N-11N-19000-51 LISC12F-11N-11N-30000-51 LIS-C9-11716-11716-01000-51 S4N04N04D1000 S4N04N04D200 S4N04N04D500 S4N04S08D1000 S4N04S08D200 S4N04S08D500 S4S08S08D2000 S4S08S08D400 S4S08S08D500 SA4D11P12E1000 SA4D11P62E1000 SE4N04N04A1000 SE4N04N04A2000 SEA2K01K01G1000 SEA4N04N04D1000 SEA4S08S08D1000 TL-8A-11N-11N-01000-51