M85049 – formerly MIL-C-85409 – covers connector accessories for use with connectors under environmental or non-environmental conditions. Included in M85049 are backshells, a common accessory for industrial and high-reliability connectors, particularly circular connectors. Backshells typically protect the connector and cable from environmental or mechanical stress or shield it from electromagnetic interference.

We have backshells available for different applications in various sizes, shapes, materials, and levels of protection. These are manufactured by TE Connectivity/Polamco, Glenair and Sunbank.

Glenair produces a broad range of circular and rectangular environmental and non-environmental backshells for a variety of high performance applications. TE Connectivity/Polamco is also well known for its backshells designed for military circular connectors including those that meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 specification. They are available in screened and non-screened versions and in 45 and 90⁰ options.

Sunbank extends our M85049 product offering with a wide range of backshells and accessories for harsh environments. These are circular and rectangular backshells available in a variety of materials and finishes.