D38999 (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III) to LMD7000 Series Protective Cap Part Number Cross Reference

D38999 (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III) to LMD7000 Series Protective Cap Part Number Cross Reference

Here we make it easy for you to select a Weald LMD7000 Series protective cap that are commercial alternative to the D38999 / MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Protective Caps.

There high-quality protective / dust caps for triple-start threaded and bayonet-coupling circular connectors are designed to perform to the requirements of D38999 / MIL-DTL-38999 series III specification.

Designed to perform to the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III specification Weald Electronics LMD7000 Series protective caps are machined from solid material for reliable strength and performance. They are available with Stainless Steel wire rope or nylon cords, with a wide choice of plaiting options. Please note that LMD7000 Series protective caps are not MIL-DTL-38999 QPL approved products but their COTS alternative.

Below are all the part numbers you need along with a search function.

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Part Numbers
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MIL-DTL-38999 Part Number Weald LMD Range Part Number
D38999 32W09R LMD7001-09-03-211
D38999 32W11R LMD7001-11-03-211
D38999 32W13R LMD7001-13-03-211
D38999 32W15R LMD7001-15-03-211
D38999 32W17R LMD7001-17-03-211
D38999 32W19R LMD7001-19-03-211
D38999 32W21R LMD7001-21-03-211
D38999 32W23R LMD7001-23-03-211
D38999 32W25R LMD7001-25-03-211
D38999 32W09N LMD7001-09-03-111
D38999 32W11N LMD7001-11-03-111
D38999 32W13N LMD7001-13-03-111
D38999 32W15N LMD7001-15-03-111
D38999 32W17N LMD7001-17-03-111
D38999 32W19N LMD7001-19-03-111
D38999 32W21N LMD7001-21-03-111
D38999 32W23N LMD7001-23-03-111
D38999 32W25N LMD7001-25-03-111
D38999 32F09R LMD7001-09-03-213
D38999 32F11R LMD7001-11-03-213
D38999 32F13R LMD7001-13-03-213
D38999 32F15R LMD7001-15-03-213
D38999 32F17R LMD7001-17-03-213
D38999 32F19R LMD7001-19-03-213
D38999 32F21R LMD7001-21-03-213
D38999 32F23R LMD7001-23-03-213
D38999 32F25R LMD7001-25-03-213
D38999 32F09N LMD7001-09-03-113
D38999 32F11N LMD7001-11-03-113
D38999 32F13N LMD7001-13-03-113
D38999 32F15N LMD7001-15-03-113
D38999 32F17N LMD7001-17-03-113
D38999 32F19N LMD7001-19-03-113
D38999 32F21N LMD7001-21-03-113
D38999 32F23N LMD7001-23-03-113
D38999 32F25N LMD7001-25-03-113
D38999 32Z09R LMD7001-09-03-214
D38999 32Z11R LMD7001-11-03-214
D38999 32Z13R LMD7001-13-03-214
D38999 32Z15R LMD7001-15-03-214
D38999 32Z17R LMD7001-17-03-214
D38999 32Z19R LMD7001-19-03-214
D38999 32Z21R LMD7001-21-03-214
D38999 32Z23R LMD7001-23-03-214
D38999 32Z25R LMD7001-25-03-214
D38999 32Z09N LMD7001-09-03-114
D38999 32Z11N LMD7001-11-03-114
D38999 32Z13N LMD7001-13-03-114
D38999 32Z15N LMD7001-15-03-114
D38999 32Z17N LMD7001-17-03-114
D38999 32Z19N LMD7001-19-03-114
D38999 32Z21N LMD7001-21-03-114
D38999 32Z23N LMD7001-23-03-114
D38999 32Z25N LMD7001-25-03-114
D38999 33W09R LMD7002-09-03-211
D38999 33W11R LMD7002-11-03-211
D38999 33W13R LMD7002-13-03-211
D38999 33W15R LMD7002-15-03-211
D38999 33W17R LMD7002-17-03-211
D38999 33W19R LMD7002-19-03-211
D38999 33W21R LMD7002-21-03-211
D38999 33W23R LMD7002-23-03-211
D38999 33W25R LMD7002-25-03-211
D38999 33W09N LMD7002-09-03-111
D38999 33W11N LMD7002-11-03-111
D38999 33W13N LMD7002-13-03-111
D38999 33W15N LMD7002-15-03-111
D38999 33W17N LMD7002-17-03-111
D38999 33W19N LMD7002-19-03-111
D38999 33W21N LMD7002-21-03-111
D38999 33W23N LMD7002-23-03-111
D38999 33W25N LMD7002-25-03-111
D38999 33F09R LMD7002-09-03-213
D38999 33F11R LMD7002-11-03-213
D38999 33F13R LMD7002-13-03-213
D38999 33F15R LMD7002-15-03-213
D38999 33F17R LMD7002-17-03-213
D38999 33F19R LMD7002-19-03-213
D38999 33F21R LMD7002-21-03-213
D38999 33F23R LMD7002-23-03-213
D38999 33F25R LMD7002-25-03-213
D38999 33F09N LMD7002-09-03-113
D38999 33F11N LMD7002-11-03-113
D38999 33F13N LMD7002-13-03-113
D38999 33F15N LMD7002-15-03-113
D38999 33F17N LMD7002-17-03-113
D38999 33F19N LMD7002-19-03-113
D38999 33F21N LMD7002-21-03-113
D38999 33F23N LMD7002-23-03-113
D38999 33F25N LMD7002-25-03-113
D38999 33Z09R LMD7002-09-03-214
D38999 33Z11R LMD7002-11-03-214
D38999 33Z13R LMD7002-13-03-214
D38999 33Z15R LMD7002-15-03-214
D38999 33Z17R LMD7002-17-03-214
D38999 33Z19R LMD7002-19-03-214
D38999 33Z21R LMD7002-21-03-214
D38999 33Z23R LMD7002-23-03-214
D38999 33Z25R LMD7002-25-03-214
D38999 33Z09N LMD7002-09-03-114
D38999 33Z11N LMD7002-11-03-114
D38999 33Z13N LMD7002-13-03-114
D38999 33Z15N LMD7002-15-03-114
D38999 33Z17N LMD7002-17-03-114
D38999 33Z19N LMD7002-19-03-114
D38999 33Z21N LMD7002-21-03-114
D38999 33Z23N LMD7002-23-03-114
D38999 33Z25N LMD7002-25-03-114
MIL-DTL-38999 Part Number Weald LMD Range Part Number